China playing tough against Biden seems to work

Have earlier written that CCP is perhaps playing the Taiwan card to get better deals when negotiating with the US. Probably impossible to know whether that is true or not, but Xi is intransigent in a pragmatic way and it seems to pay off. Breaking Points:

Saagar Enjeti: Biden SECRETLY CAVES To China, Big Business On Trump’s Trade War

A lazy Armageddonist like myself is hangdog, melancholic and “down in the mouth” (to use a silly expression from Webster) when just thinking about peace and love and flower power in the land of Chimerica, but if WW3 is not your thing perhaps it’s relatively good on a global level that Beijing and Washington are trading not warring. However, I guess deplorable unemployed workers in the US are almost equally as crestfallen as us doomsters when watching the above video from Breaking Points.

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