News about war and chips in Taiwan (and Ukraine)

Semiconductors are the brains of drones and surveillance sensors. TSMC in Taiwan is the largest chip manufacturer in the world. Samsung and SK hynix in South Korea are also among the five largest global chip producers. A war over Taiwan can spread to South Korea. News about the conflict between mainland China and Taiwan is therefore relevant here on (DSI). If war breaks out in Taiwan one cannot exclude that tensions between Russia and NATO spin out of control too. So will occasionally present relevant news about Ukraine.

Climate changes appear to force China to reduce electric power consumption. This has a destabilizing effect. Furthermore, when electric vehicles become increasingly popular and the West demands that we phase out oil and gas it will harm the economy of Russia. All this may lead to global conflicts that will perhaps destroy the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) in a worst (best) case scenario. Drones and surveillance sensors are an integral part of 4IR, which makes it natural that DSI focuses on factors that may significantly contribute to the (partial) destruction of 4IR. This is not scaremongering or a sign of me being into “prepping”. I’m the opposite of a prepper. But I love sci-fi horror movies and Monty Python, so can’t avoid being attracted to Cold War 2. Maybe humanity destroys itself before dystopian 4IR gets properly started? This question is not farfetched in our wonderfully insane high-tech societies. MIT physicist Max Tegmark:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

So if you get a norepinephrine kick out of doomscrolling and have a ton of gallows humor, then get your happy upbeat apocalyptic news about 4IR here on DSI:

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