Cultural conservatives don’t care about the Pandora Papers click-bait scandals about Putin

If constitutional democracies in the West had not been corrupted by neoliberal corporate power it would have been natural that all moderate cultural conservatives rejected Putin for example after the Panama and Pandora Papers. If we in real life could simply remove all dictatorships and replace them with true constitutional democracies, then I and many rightwing people would still have been neocons today, fighting Xi and Putin like we once supported wars against Saddam and Gaddafi. But it’s now 20 years after 9/11 and the West has become a hybrid authoritarian woke surveillance regime. Eisenhower, the last true conservative president, who fought the Nazis, warned against the military-industrial complex. A warning totally ignored the last 50 years. Instead we have seen the rise of weaponized Big Tech and Private Military and Security Companies.

Moderate ethno-nationalists are anti-imperialists, unlike ethno-imperialists who invade other nations, so being a genuine patriot it follows logically that the idealist in me is opposed to all empires, be it 1) Washington, 2) Kremlin, 3) Beijing, or 4) the EU. I’m a 70% realist however, so when being in a situation where you often have no choice but to live under the heavy influence of one empire or another in the “global village” then it all basically boils down to a question of aesthetics and culture. Since all four empires are immoral in any case do you personally want to live in a neoliberal sleazy multicultural empire or do you subjectively prefer a non-libertine and non-woke empire? Do you like Washington and EU or Kremlin (and Beijing)?

Since I’m a Christian it’s natural that I have aesthetic and cultural sympathy with Russia. Like many other cultural conservatives I’m perfectly aware that Putin is crooked. Power corrupts, so it would be strange and almost inhuman if Putin had not been crooked. Pelosi in America is a gangster too. Breaking Points:

Krystal and Saagar: How Nancy Pelosi Used Her Power to Gain A Fortune

Christians who are realists, disillusioned and “cynical” know that Earth is a partly fallen place. Christian martyrs were killed by the multicultural Roman Empire. Seen from this historical perspective it’s not strange that Christian realists say: since all emperors are bandits we prefer a political scoundrel who defends Christianity in the mainstream public space. Putin defends Christianity.

When ultra-liberal media try to smear Putin and Trump by revealing their personal weaknesses it has no effect on cultural conservatives, because we just say: So what? We already know they are bastards, but they are our bastards, in the same way that libertine woke citizens have their own bastards: Hillary, Obama, Biden etc.

It’s realism in a partly fallen place called Earth when Jesus said: Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.

The idealistic nationalist in me however will always reject all empires, and never deny it if any of them violates the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).

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