Taiwan produces semiconductors for authoritarian regimes and the libertine woke panopticon in the West, so why should cultural conservatives defend Taiwan?

If you suspect that this article supports appeasement or is propaganda for the communist gangsters in Beijing please read to the end.

Before conservatives commit to defending Taiwan listen to what President Tsai Ing-wen is saying in Foreign Affairs:

Taiwan and the Fight for Democracy

“The story of Taiwan is one of resilience—of a country upholding democratic, progressive values …” (…)

“Taiwan’s refusal to give up, its persistent embrace of democracy, and its commitment to act as a responsible stakeholder (even when its exclusion from international institutions has made that difficult) are now spurring the rest of the world to reassess its value as a liberal democracy … if Taiwan were to fall, the consequences would be catastrophic for regional peace and the democratic alliance system. It would signal that in today’s global contest of values, authoritarianism has the upper hand over democracy.” (…)

“Despite these worrying developments, the people of Taiwan have made clear to the entire world that democracy is nonnegotiable. Amid almost daily intrusions by the People’s Liberation Army, our position on cross-strait relations remains constant: Taiwan will not bend to pressure …” (…)

“Taiwan lies along the first island chain, which runs from northern Japan to Borneo; should this line be broken by force, the consequences would disrupt international trade and destabilize the entire western Pacific. In other words, a failure to defend Taiwan would not only be catastrophic for the Taiwanese; it would overturn a security architecture that has allowed for peace and extraordinary economic development in the region for seven decades.”

” … if its democracy and way of life are threatened, Taiwan will do whatever it takes to defend itself.” (…)

“Through our interactions with the rest of the world, we have absorbed values that we have made our own, merging them with local traditions to create a liberal, progressive order …”

“… there is no doubt that the people would rise up should the very existence of Taiwan be under threat.” (…)

“Our bid to play a more meaningful role in the international community is evolving in the context of changing regional politics, with more assertive challenges to the liberal international order, backed by the economic and political power to turn those ambitions into action. …”

“… To prepare for future emergencies, the international community must move toward inclusiveness rather than rigidly adhering to current structures.”

“… Taiwan has demonstrated to the world that democratic systems can respond effectively to a pandemic, harnessing the powers of artificial intelligence, big data, and surveillance networks while ensuring that the information gathered is used responsibly.” (…)

“Indeed, with its high-tech leadership and educated and globalized workforce, Taiwan is well positioned to help create secure global supply chains in sectors such as semiconductors, biotechnology, and renewable energy—all areas where international cooperation is needed now more than ever. Our semiconductor industry is especially significant: a “silicon shield” that allows Taiwan to protect itself and others from aggressive attempts by authoritarian regimes to disrupt global supply chains. We are working to further strengthen our role in securing global supply chains with a new regional high-end production hub initiative, which will solidify our position in the global supply chain. Besides making computer chips, Taiwan is active in high-precision manufacturing, artificial intelligence, 5G applications, renewable energy, biotechnology, and more, helping create more diverse and global supply chains that can withstand disruption, human or otherwise.” (…)

“Sitting on the frontlines of the global contest between the liberal democratic order and the authoritarian alternative, Taiwan also has an important part to play in strengthening global democracy. …” (…)

” … One recent round of GCTF activity, for example, focused on media literacy and how democracies can combat disinformation—an area in which Taiwan has an abundance of experience.”

“Over the past five years, more than 2,300 experts and officials from more than 87 countries have attended GCTF workshops in Taiwan, and the forum will continue to expand—offering a path to greater collaboration between Taiwan and countries around the world, including the United States.”

” … Alliances are being rekindled to serve the interests of the international community.”

“Taiwan may be small in terms of territory, but it has proved that it can have a large global presence—and that this presence matters to the world. …”

” … Going forward, our high-tech industries, and especially our production of advanced semiconductors, will continue to fuel the global economy.”

” … Taiwan is ready to be a global force for good, with a role on the international stage that is commensurate with its abilities.”

Maybe Taiwan is on the frontline of democracy, which I doubt because of the corporate presence on the island, but AUKUS today is in the backyard of democracy.

America is now practically a mobster “democracy”. Watch all of this from Breaking Points:

PANDORA PAPERS: Putin, Jordanian King CAUGHT Hiding Billions In Historic Leak

I’m a 70% realist and a 30% idealistic ethno-nationalist. The realist in me just observes imperialism as a fact of life in the jungle. But when empires and invaders start to preach about morality and ethics, then I enjoy undressing all of them. For example, if the Han Chinese in Taiwan really want to support “international justice” why don’t they go home and give the island back to the indigenous population?

Semiconductors are the brains of: killer drones, surveillance cameras, robots stealing jobs from the working class, and smart phones that are “worse than a spy” in your pocket (Snowden).

Semiconductors are the brains of the proto-“Skynet“, the panopticon. Taiwan is selling this poison to the world.

TSMC is no saint. It has profited from selling chips to Huawei.


U.S. Demand for Confidential Information Puts TSMC’s Neutrality at Stake

“Likewise, some of Russia’s latest Elbrus processors, key to its own chip autonomy program, were also manufactured by TSMC.”

No catastrophe after Russia took back Crimea. There will only be an intercontinental catastrophe if the gangsters in Washington intervene when the possessed crooks from CCP start to murder kids with bombs and hypersonic missiles hitting Taiwan. Bombing people is not nice, just ask all the dead children murdered in developing countries by Western “democracies” (with the help of Rothschild, Cecil Rhodes and other robber barons profiting from this misery).

Niall Ferguson, the imperial historian hanging out with the Davos elite, writes in Empire:

“Though his public image was that of a lone colossus bestriding Africa, Rhodes could not have won his near-monopoly over South African diamond production without the assistance of his friends in the City of London; in particular, the Rothschild bank, at that time the biggest concentration of financial capital in the world.”

If the old guys in CCP are demonic enough to attack Taiwan it will be the symptom of moral insanity prevalent in all empires, in Washington too. But an invasion of Taiwan will most likely not stop free trade in the waters nearby, because China desperately relies on global supply chains. If states in America and EU really want to overthrow CCP they can start by demanding that all Western corporations stop their operations in China. But that is not going to happen. Money talks, so far. But if Taiwan is annexed by CCP it will still be possible for the West to secure “freedom of navigation”. Regular “elephant walks” through the Taiwan Strait can keep the lanes open. China will not dare to attack US aircraft carriers, because if PLA attacks another superpower first it will be a new Pearl Harbor.

Regarding formal allies of the US near China: AUKUS can arm all formal allies to the teeth. It will prevent the dreaded (mythic) domino effect.

Washington doesn’t have to worry about losing credibility if not defending Taiwan. Its credibility has already been lost, especially after the US began no war to help the Uighurs. Washington claims a genocide is going on in Xinjiang, but no military intervention… The rich Han Chinese in Taiwan will have a relatively good life even after a CCP Han occupation, compared to conditions endured by the Uighurs and Tibetans.

Real cultural conservatives have not had power in the US after Eisenhower. But if neolibs, necons or Trumpists are willing to risk WW3 in a fight against China over Taiwan the pure horror has a silver lining, because hypersonic missiles etc will destroy libertine woke Big Tech. It will annihilate the panopticon. The old saying “Better dead than red” applies to woke surveillance regimes.

Egoistically however it’s not in my interest to support any war, because I’m a gamer. Computer games depend on semiconductors! On the other hand, too many games nowadays are woke, so I currently have little to lose if the Internet is cut to pieces in a global war.

The moral lunatics in CCP are not backing down. Global Times:

Taiwan’s Tsai turns to masters for help out of fear of catastrophic consequences: Global Times editorial

“There is no force in the world whose will to “defend Taiwan” is stronger than China’s will to fight against secession and achieve reunification. To be precise, they are completely incomparable. China dares to have a life-and-death fight against any force that hinders our reunification, but no force dares or is willing to fight to the death against the world’s second largest economy, as well as a nuclear power, in order to prevent China’s reunification.”

Maybe CCP is just doing a “big ask”, copying the negotiation style of Trump. Perhaps it only wants an unambiguous return to the old days of “one country, two systems”. Global Times:

“There was a period of peaceful cooperation between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan island during which both sides sought shared development.”

But that’s history. Taiwan refuses to end up like Hong Kong. A war is now on the horizon if CCP doesn’t back down. An intercontinental war is then around the next corner if Washington intervenes.

Look at history. Rwanda, Congo (the “WW3 of Africa“), Xinjiang. I bet the corrupt elites in the West are doing nothing when it really counts.

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