Even if Taiwan formally gives up secessionism after new CCP threats we all know that it will just be lip-service, because Taiwan today is de facto not part of the mainland

I guess the editor of Global Times is not actually expecting that Taiwan and China will be de facto reunified after this dire warning today:

Time to warn Taiwan secessionists and their fomenters: war is real: Global Times editorial

The leaders in Taipei can just pay lip-service to non-secessionism while being under the informal protection of AUKUS until the latter have new weapons of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) developed by 2040. CCP can’t ever take back Taiwan if Beijing only has semiconductors which are 2-5 generations behind chips inside American killer bots.

Taiwan will only become part of mainland China if the latter has boots on the ground in Taiwan, peacefully or violently. Taiwan, in other words, must surrender, one way or another. If there is no real surrender, then PLA can fly around Taiwan 24/7, but realities on the ground will not change.

But we live in a strange world. Maybe CCP just wants lip-service. If that is the case then leaders in Taipei may choose to fake non-secessionism while AUKUS is gradually building new 4IR weapons that Beijing can’t beat. “Hide and bide” would have been my game in Taipei.

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