Elon Musk’s misguided altruism

The REAL Reason Why Tesla Made All Patents Open-Source…

I believe that Musk is not driven by a lust for more money. He’s an Asperger. He’s in it for the intellectual challenge. He’s also a misguided idealist who wants to transform a “wrong planet“. One of his pathologically altruistic goals is to create cyborgs in order to “save humanity” from runaway AGI. It’s therefore not strange that he supports open source developments, because the more creative companies are involved in cyborg creations the easier it will be to realize Musk’s clinically sick dream of cyborgs roaming the Earth.

Any open source AI developments that can compete with Tesla have to be done by a large corporation or a small company soon bought by Big Tech. The little man (ordinary citizens) can’t develop electric vehicles, cyborgs or AI robots. Musk’s idealism is altruism for the rich and powerful. He’s extremely delusional if assuming that significant AI developments and cutting-edge chip manufacturing will ever be decentralized. Look at his own company. Watch the military-industrial complex. So don’t be fooled by his dream of creating a cyborg paradise on Earth.

Open source AI will also help dictators. But Elon will get in trouble if helping the enemies of Washington during Cold War 2.

An open source liberal AGI will beat the relatively narrow AI controlled by dictators, but AGI will probably not exist until 2050 or (much) later. Dictators and corporations will have introduced totalitarian narrow AI panopticons long before anyone creates a true AGI.

AI (or today’s machine deep learning) is communism, by the way.

Please don’t trust any man who puts 42,000 satellites into orbit.

– Who is that crazy man?

– It’s Napoleon thinking he’s Elon Musk

I’m not condemning Musk on a private level. I don’t know the man. I’m only judging his actions and plans. If he’s offended by me calling him crazy, then relax, because I’m crazy too. But crazy people should not have power. Oppenheimer for example was a lunatic. Einstein too was not a nice man. The New York Times:

Dark Side of Einstein Emerges in His Letters

What Made Him Tick

“By the time I was 300 pages into Ray Monk’s formidable biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, I couldn’t imagine why anyone in his right mind would have chosen this man as director of the secret laboratory that built the first atomic bomb. If the whole thing had failed, what a harebrained scheme it would have seemed.”

Einstein used his influence to create the atomic bomb. That made him more dangerous than Mengele. Elon Musk wants to create cyborg Übermenschen at the beginning of Cold War 2. That makes him more dangerous than any harebrained Nazi doctor.

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