If you think Western constitutional democracies still exist, watch this

The Jimmy Dore Show:

Greenwald Targeted by CIA!

Breaking Points:


Yahoo News:

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks

The plot was eventually not approved by the Trump administration, but the fact that CIA thought it was normal to ask for permission to murder a journalist is just one more case proving that the military-industrial complex and the corporate-surveillance apparatus have practically destroyed constitutional democracies in the West. Many other cases prove this too, like for example the lies about WMDs in Iraq (2003) and a torture supervisor (Gina Haspel) becoming chief of CIA in 2018. And do you think Western workers voted in favor of automating and outsourcing their jobs so that the rich can get astronomically wealthy? No.

By the way, in the first linked video you’ll notice that Greenwald is gay, which is irrelevant, but you may ask how I, who is against woke-LGBT, supports Greenwald. Because I don’t care about the private life of an individual as long as 1) he or she doesn’t try to push it on other people or 2) doesn’t try to change public culture through the use of top-down propaganda (mainstream entertainment, public education etc) in constitutional democracies where the basic judicial human rights of the UN already exists.

Maybe Greenwald also wants to change cultures so that they fit his private life. I disagree with that. If you can’t psychologically resist what you perceive as negative cultural group pressure in a real constitutional democracy where everybody’s basic rights are legally protected, then you have a personal problem that you need to work on, and you are certainly not an individualist.

Nevertheless, I will always respect the work Greenwald has done in order to stop surveillance. Bradley Manning is clearly woke, but I also consider him to be a hero, though I no longer address him as “her” after this at Jimmy Dore Show:

Chelsea Manning Attacks Her Most Staunch Defenders w/Glenn Greenwald

I’m so happy not to be part of petty politics. That Greenwald cares about responding to Manning’s online accusations just illustrates the pathetic juvenile nature of politics when the latter is more or less reduced to personal quarrels.

I like Jimmy and Glenn. Perhaps they hate me. Maybe they think I’m nuts or whatever. I don’t care. I’m not on corporate social media. Never google my own name. The Internet is a cyberwar zone. Don’t trust it. Only unenlightened people care about their reputation. You don’t need any reputation if you don’t want power and don’t have a basic need to influence other people. Getting a few likes when writing a post can be fun, like getting points in a computer game, but in one way I actually prefer having only 0-10 daily visitors, since I sometimes present hazardous info here on drone-surveillance.info and don’t want to get an ego boost out of that. My hero is Henry Cavendish, an Asperger. What? But don’t I criticize Aspergers in Silicon Valley? Well, Henry didn’t work for Big Tech.

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