If chip innovation presupposes corporate “free-market” creativity, why should CCP support a chip-based society?

Cold War 2 is a conflict between mafia-like corporations in the West and authoritarian states in the East. In Britain, the East India Company was a drug cartel. Queen Victoria was basically a glorified drug dealer in the Opium Wars. James Bradley, the author of Flags of Our Fathers, writes in The China Mirage: “America’s great East Coast universities owe a great deal to opium profits.”

But high-functioning crooks are driven by sociopathic greed, and that makes them creative. Communist states on the other hand want to either stop corporate greed or tax it and give money to the poor. This latter agenda makes it more difficult to be innovative, because there is no cut-throat incentive for talents to “publish innovative research papers or perish” in a society of equality. Revolutionary creativity in high-tech fields that are more demanding and difficult than “rocket science” may perhaps require internationally dispersed corporate power centers of very competitive R&D.

If we, for the sake of argument at least, assume that the neoliberal corporate system today is the only key to winning the AI robot arms race, then why should CCP play by neoliberal rules which seem to guarantee that CCP loses Cold War 2 on a playing field naturally tilted in favor of Western corporations?

Imagine a conflict between the mafia in Sicily and Mussolini in Rome. If the mafia was about to get a new weapon equally powerful as AI robots then it’s obvious that the fascists would have tried to crush the mafia before it acquired these weapons. Mussolini would not have played by the rules of the mafia. He would not have accepted a society based on the mafia-model. Benny Mussolini was originally a socialist.

Ironically, if cutting-edge chip innovation actually depends on many R&D power centers in a neoliberal “global village” it can perhaps make it easier for CCP spies to steal and copy new chip inventions. Maybe CCP is naive enough to hope that it can outcompete Silicon Valley in Cold War 2 if relying on an even more stealthy espionage strategy of “steal and copy”?

Perhaps a relatively dispersed, international and top secret AI Manhattan Project in the West isn’t sufficient when the goal is a series of revolutionary chip innovations. If that is the case, then Big Tech corporations will relatively soon become the new rulers on Earth, the new emperors, as long as political leaders in the West and East don’t stop “business as usual” in neoliberal AI chip industries.

Currently, at the moment of writing, it seems like Big Tech in America and communists in China are still pretending in a confusing way to be “best frenemies forever”. Tesla Vision:

Elon Musk WARNED Everyone China No Longer Playing Games

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