China willing to endure a worldwide economic collapse if international chaos takes global attention away from an attack on Taiwan?

Once the attack is a fact China can’t be sanctioned (much) by the US if Beijing has already exploited climate changes and other natural/societal disrupting factors in order to (temporarily) let the global neoliberal economic system fall apart, because America and Europe will then be too busy dealing with their own domestic problems.

If CCP decides to deal with global warming, domestic corruption and disloyal (Big Tech) corporations in a way that “accidentally” happens to decimate global supply chains, it will harm America and Europe too, and maybe create a situation worse or similar to the one described here:

Death By Inflation Or Debt Defaults? Luke Gromen On The No-Win Situation We’re Trapped In (PT1)

All videos I link to are just meant as entertainment. I’m no expert in macroeconomics, so don’t know if what is said in the above video is true. But we can’t trust the Fed or corporate media either. But regardless of details and hypotheses about specific collapse scenarios in the future it’s clear to everyone that the economy in America has huge problems. If Beijing now decides to act in a way that “unintentionally” adds to the burdens of the American economy, it can “inadvertently” crash the global trade system, the foundation of the neoliberal world order.

CCP is perhaps willing to let much international trade burn to the ground because 1) China is already sanctioned by many states in the West, and 2) climate changes demand reduced economic growth in any case. The outdated neoliberal model doesn’t work anymore. China may therefore focus on the advantages of a (temporarily) global economic collapse if that makes it possible to attack Taiwan without other states having time, resources or a unified will to stop the invasion.

China must be willing to risk the total destruction of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) if it attacks Taiwan, because it’s a theoretical possibility that America escalates until WW3 starts. But the privatized woke military in America will most likely not intervene if China begin the attack with missiles hitting TSMC.

If the US intervenes from bases in South Korea it’s not unthinkable that chip production by SK hynix and Samsung is history too.

It’s very naive to assume that China is just bluffing or something when it sends 38 military airplanes relatively near to Taiwan:

PLA holds record-breaking drill near Taiwan island on National Day, ‘routine but significant’

China would not have held this “record-breaking drill near Taiwan” if CCP had been deterred by AUKUS and the Quad.

Guess it’s now up to Washington to decide whether it wants to start WW3 during an escalation of the Taiwan War. I bet that China will win any conventional war. If the war starts in the middle of a global economic depression equally bad or worse than 1929, then China has little to lose anyway. CCP already has enough chips for surveillance drones that will prevent rebellion if most citizens in China suddenly have to adjust to material living conditions not seen after the death of Mao in 1976.

China has existed for millennia without 4IR, so this empire will continue to exist for thousands of years even if 4IR is (partly) destroyed, as long as WW3 isn’t triggered by the Taiwan War.

After the “record-breaking drill near Taiwan” despite AUKUS it seems like PLAN and Xi are now beyond a point of no return, so get ready to brace if the global economic system falls apart for whatever reason.

But if what I write here turns out to be true in a relatively near future, in 2022 or 2023 for example, it doesn’t mean that I’m “prescient”. Just got lucky (or unlucky, depending on your viewpoint).

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