Maybe conservatives’ culture war is not lost after all

Have earlier written that cultural conservatives have probably lost the culture war, but my basic favorite hypothesis in politics is that today’s large state structures are too chaotic, fast-changing and complex to warrant confidence in predictions about the future, so I’m always willing to update my assessments when new data justify it. The following article in Newsweek shows that American rightwing people are still very much in the fight.

But keep in mind that rightwing Americans today are often not cultural conservatives, because many of them are more into libertarianism or Reaganism aka neoliberalism. They are not like Eisenhower for example. Their lifestyle is often libertine compared to the 1950s.

The last generation of real cultural conservatives who remember life prior to 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) will be dead in 2-3 decades, so genuine conservatism is now basically a “walking dead” as long as 1) 4IR exists or 2) real cultural conservatives don’t control 4IR in the West.


Majority of Trump Voters Want to Split the Nation Into ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ Halves

“A majority of Trump voters want to split the country into red and blue halves, according to a new poll conducted by the University of Virginia’s (UVA) nonpartisan Center for Politics.”

“Roughly 52 percent of people who voted for Republican former President Donald Trump either “somewhat agree” or “strongly agree” that it’s time to split the country, favoring that either red or blue states secede from the union, the poll found.”

“Comparatively, 41 percent of people who voted for Democratic President Joe Biden agree with the idea.”


Majority Of Trump Voters Want Secession And 41% Of Biden Voters Agree, The Republic Is COLLAPSING

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