China’s blackouts can also serve as an exercise for crowd control during a war against Taiwan

ABC News (Australia):

China’s energy crisis spreads to Beijing, impacts tech firms Apple and Tesla

Never let a crisis go to waste. The military and police in China can gather important info about citizens’ behavior during blackouts. That’s valuable data if the electric power infrastructure gets destroyed by the US after Beijing attacks Taiwan. A counterattack on China’s mainland will probably trigger WW3. But if we, for the sake of argument, have as premise that this intercontinental war never involves nukes, then blackouts today can prepare the military and police for what might happen in the future, in cities at night during a war.

China is very good at making drones, see DJI. To stop looting and chaos at night it’s possible that CCP is immoral enough to deploy tens of thousands of armed drones which are AI trained to spot human shapes and their heat signature in dark streets after curfew. Looters and other criminals can be killed automatically or the police/military can quickly arrest them. If Beijing is willing to bomb Han Chinese in Taiwan it’s no doubt that curfews will be extremely draconic on the mainland. It will be relatively easy to maintain control as long as drones can be recharged with the help of backup generators.

Is it not great that computer geeks have created AI drones? Nah, it’s the Devil’s gift to humanity.

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