Doesn’t help CCP much if China is best in all tech areas except fabless chip design

In the Cold War 2 between US/EU and China/Russia I’m pretty neutral after becoming so disillusioned by humanity that I will “support” any empire or corporation as long as 1) their entertainment, especially MMORPGs, have versions that are non-libertine, non-woke, and 2) these corporations or states don’t profit from distributing libertine content based on exploitation of women.

Western Big Tech is libertine and woke. Eastern Big Tech is not libertine, not woke, at least not inside China. From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, but certainly not in regards to ethics, I will therefore be somewhat happy if China wins the cold tech war.

But the realist in me still thinks that United Coasts of America (UCA) will probably be the victor in the new AI robot arms race.

Even if China is the most innovative in many tech areas it will not be enough to win Cold War 2 as long as UCA is best at designing and producing cutting-edge semiconductors.

To put it differently: it’s not sufficient to be the world leader in almost all aspects of robot production if you aren’t clearly dominant when it comes to designing and manufacturing the brains (chips) of robots, especially cutting-edge insect killer bots attacking with hyper-agility in (distributed) swarms.

To put the video below in perspective it’s informative to read this article here.

The Geopolitics In Conflict Show:

China’s Plan For Technology Dominance With Richard Turrin!!!

The video is interesting at (0:20:05 – 0:26:50) and (0:56:10). The video is biased in favor of China, as you’ll quickly discover. And, again, all the online videos I link to are just meant as entertainment.

Personally I worry that Beijing and Washington will have a “mafia sit-down” where they agree to divide the world in two panopticons, both being (gradually) libertine and woke, more or less. I don’t trust CCP after this:

Beijing appears very much to support libertine and pro-LGBT Hollywood…

Globalist capitalists and international communists are materialists. They view culture as secondary. Cultural conservatives should not trust them, in principle. I have faith in Russia, and hope Putin isn’t replaced by a non-Christian president, but I never forget that Putin is former KGB.

My basic disillusioned attitude is that we today practically live in a world equivalent to the beginning of the End Time (or “100 seconds to midnight” if you prefer the language of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists). So I’m stoic no matter what happens. At my age, without kids, it’s basically not my problem if Western citizens prefer to live in a (golden) cage of Pax AI from Silicon Valley. The big question is whether China and Russia take action before they too are forced to live in that cage.

One factor speaking in favor of China perhaps winning the chip war is that Chinese scientists and engineers living in the West are relatively central to developments of AI in US/EU. The latter will lose significant talent if banning Chinese scientists from AI robot research.

The New York Times, aka the mouthpiece of woke Washington:

A U.S. Secret Weapon in A.I.: Chinese Talent

“New research shows scientists educated in China help American firms and schools dominate the cutting-edge field. Now industry leaders worry that worsening political tensions will blunt that edge.”

But if Chinese AI talents return to their homeland, will they continue to be as creative when not living in communities like Silicon Valley? Will domestic communities in Shenzhen for example be enough?

Global Times:

Huawei founder urges to recruit more foreign talent through North America research center

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