New Zealand bought by China

60 Minutes Australia:

Dollars VS Decency: Is China taking over New Zealand? | 60 Minutes Australia

Regarding ethical matters I will never speak softly to China about Tibet and Xinjiang. Have always been an anti-imperialist, so will in principle always say: Free Tibet! Free Xinjiang! Don’t know how much is Western propaganda when hearing corporate media claims about “genocide” in Xinjiang, but after the Cultural Revolution and Xi copying Mao one should not give China the benefit of the doubt in this case. Being a nationalist I will always claim in principle that the civil war between Han Chinese in Taiwan and on the mainland is an internal affair that Western states should not interfere with.

It’s very ROFL hearing Australia lecture China and New Zealand about morality. Dear white mates, you have occupied the land of Aboriginals!

Ironically, 60 Minutes Australia unwittingly admits that the continent doesn’t belong to white people and other settlers, strictly speaking. Because the program says that Taiwan belongs to indigenous people, “strictly speaking”, in the following video at 12:10 min, so if you universalize this statement, making it valid universally, it follows logically that people in the Australian government should close shop and go back to UK.

War with China: Are we closer than we think? | Under Investigation

By the way, I freely criticize white people too but don’t interpret that as me being leftwing. I’m a white-skinned nationalist, but not an ethno-imperialist, who wants to give 97% of all immigrants in Europe ten years to repatriate. Europe belongs to white people!

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