China is a police state, and Western surveillance regimes are police states too

Global Times:

People tell me I live in a police state, but I don’t, I live in China

Pointless trying to excuse, justify or whitewash the dystopian police state in China. Western people either don’t care about such justifications, proven by the fact that US/EU and Australia have also become police states, but educated citizens who do care know too much about surveillance to ever buy what is being said in the GT article. Cultural conservatives will obviously never accept any sci-fi AI robotic regime, in the West or East.

I’m a 70% realist however, so have extremely reluctantly “accepted” that Western and Eastern panopticons are here to stay. The only question now is whether you subjectively prefer a sleazy LGBT panopticon or one that is anti-libertine and anti-woke. In lack of a third option I personally choose the Russian panopticon, because Putin defends Christianity. My attitude towards the Chinese surveillance regime depends on whether Beijing supports libertine and woke entertainment corporations in the West.

Have been in China twice, so can confirm that police officers there seem much nicer than police officers in the West. They are smiling, whistling, and one guy in a train took off his shoes to rest his feet on the opposite chair of where he was seated. In Chengdu a tourist in a backpacker hostel told me that he just witnessed two men quarreling in a bar because one of them had ruined the jacket of the other. To calm down the victim a police officer said: take my jacket. And then everybody was happy.

What’s going on in Chinese prison cells is a totally different question. I’m no Sartre or George Bernard Shaw. Will never deny, excuse or cover up human rights abuses. CIA torture doesn’t justify torture in China. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I’m no longer a “neocon” however, after having seen the US in the Middle East and Libya, after having seen how the West has become authoritarian too. Cynically and disillusioned I now say that China is none of my business. But if GT publishes articles like the one above, I will comment upon what is written, if having the time and energy.

If China becomes woke, and Christian Russia gets marginalized by woke leaders in both China and America, then I’m not opposed to the unnuanced hawks in this video from 60 Minutes Australia:

War with China: Are we closer than we think? | Under Investigation

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