Global Times: Beijing to cultivate tech innovation ecology by attracting global youth entrepreneurs

“A summit to encourage global youth entrepreneurs kicked off on Saturday in Beijing, with 140 projects mainly in cutting-edge technology and science fields from around the world winning a prize share of a total award fund of 100 million yuan ($15 million)” (…)

“Beijing Municipality has rolled out its development plan for high-tech industries in the 14th Five-Year Plan period, planning to raise the proportion of the added value of high-tech industries in Beijing to over 30 percent of the city’s GDP and build the city into an international science and technology innovation center by 2025.”

If I had been a commie dictator for a day I would have created awards up to $1 billion dollar each, given only to computer (immigrant) geniuses that live in China where they can build an alternative to Silicon Valley.

I would also have made a Chinese theme park in Beijing, and invited theme park entrepreneurs from African, Latin-American and Asian countries, to create parks that will make woke Californian plastic entertainment superfluous in China.

But I’m a cultural conservative, not an enlightened communist, so what do I know…

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