Department of Homeland Security engaging in tea leaf reading when asking citizens to profile each other and snitch

Timcast covers the story here. DHS:

DHS Creates New Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships and Additional Efforts to Comprehensively Combat Domestic Violent Extremism

““Individuals who may be radicalizing, or have radicalized, to violence typically exhibit behaviors that are recognizable to many but are best understood by those closest to them, such as friends, family, and classmates.””

The unscientific and scary part of the above sentence is the claim that radicals prone to violence “typically exhibit behaviors that are recognizable”.

Terrorism researchers have documented that a “terrorist personality” doesn’t exist, cf Alex Schmid (ed.): Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research.

And it’s not possible to use another person’s body language to determine whether he/she is lying or not. Joe Navarro, a body language expert (13:35):

Former FBI Agent Breaks Down Interrogation Techniques

If a moron in the FBI or birdbrain in the Department of Homeland Socialism engage in what the skeptic Michael Shermer calls “paternicity“, i.e. the habit of seeing nefarious patterns where there are none, ask the uneducated fool if he/she has read How Emotions are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett or Brainwashed by Sally Satel.

Hundreds of millions of people are weird or radical. But 99.9 % will never commit an act of terrorism.

I agree however that rightwing terrorism is potentially the most dangerous form of violent activism, but that is only because of the threat posed by any evil conservative microbiologist out there who has legitimate political grievances in addition to being disgusted by libertine and woke United Coasts of America (UCA). Disgust neutralizes empathy, removing the psychological barrier against releasing a deadly virus. But a microbiologist is smart enough to hide his/her intentions. No family member or coworker will see him or her walk around in a Nazi t-shirt or show up in the lab wearing a MAGA hat. But if that should happen in a hypothetical scenario he/she would have been reported to the police in any case, making the new DHS prevention center unnecessary, a waste of tax payers’ money.

My interpretation: the dudes working for DHS are into scaremongering because it’s a typical way to justify authoritarian measures. Maybe this interpretation is paternicity too, but when a CorpState (corporate state) is building one of the largest surveillance apparatus in world history, then it’s common sense to assume the worst.

If anybody suspects that my constant criticism of UCA is maybe a sign that I secretly work for China, then remember that I also encourage people to assume the worst about the concentration camps in Xinjiang. CCP supports woke Disney and woke NBC (Universal Studios), despite China being anti-libertine and anti-LGBT, which is schizophrenic. Mao, AI and Disney = MAD. Cultural conservatives can reluctantly tolerate old-school Marxism in the economic arena (base) if there is Confucianism in the cultural sphere (superstructure), but CCP’s attempt to beat capitalists by playing the corporate game has sure entangled China in some clinically crazy stuff:

World Robot Expo 2021 in Beijing | Robot panda, robot Einstein, robot surgeons

Yeah, I know citizens in China are getting old, without enough young people to work and pay taxes which can be used to take care of the elderly, so creating bots for manual labor can be seen as being instrumentally rational, if “rationality” is narrowly defined, but totally revamping society and turning it into a robot AI panopticon is certifiably insane.

I’m nevertheless a tiny bit sympathetic with the situation in China because the emperor in Beijing once rejected Western tech, a decision which led to a century of humiliation, so natural that CCP now wants as much tech as possible, to prevent a repeat of what happened between 1839 and 1949.

James Bradley writes in The China Mirage:

“China had no foreign affairs office because it shunned official relationships with barbarian countries. Instead, the emperor managed trading relations with foreign devils through his Barbarian Management Bureau, whose mandarins forwarded this response from the Son of Heaven to the English sovereign:”

“Our Celestial Empire possesses all things in prolific abundance and lacks no product within its borders. There is therefore no need to import the manufactures of outside barbarians in exchange for our own produce.”

I love it!

Anyway, what China does within Han ethnic borders is the nation’s own internal affairs. If CCP wants to be as loony toon as Silicon Valley, then that’s none of my business as long as it doesn’t affect Norway, my own country. I’m very non-interference that way, unlike some other Westerners…

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