AUKUS + preliminary NDAA 2022 are together just two more ingredients in the recipe for war in Taiwan

Have earlier said that AUKUS is maybe a good thing if the US only commits to defending formal allies near China without interfering in Taiwan or the South China Sea.

But my very naive suggestion appears so far to be expectedly unrealistic now that Global Times comments upon NDAA 2022:

US defense authorization act only lip service for Taiwan’s DPP, as mainland prepares for worst

America’s basic intentions are clear enough. China will naturally prepare accordingly. In the future, after a nuclear winter has cured global warming, maybe Disney in Shanghai will make a theme out of how WW3 started in Taiwan?

For more exciting entertainment check out how Kevin Rudd, former PM in Australia, says the current Australian government is incompetent, because of the way it handled AUKUS in relation to France:

China’s Strategic Intentions | Kevin Rudd on China’s Military Expansion and AUKUS reaction

I get very self-satisfied when new facts or good arguments confirm my own favorite theory: the complexity and chaos of Cold War Nr. 2 can’t be handled by today’s smart fools in the global political arena. But the suspense of CW2 is so enjoyable, better than Unthinkable (2010), that I hope it lasts as long as possible, preferably until 2045 when I’m so old that getting nuked is better than dying of Covid-19.

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