John Mearsheimer: US doubling its effort in East Asia and Taiwan to restore its international credibility

GEOPOP (08:22):

U.S. Pivot to East Asia | John Mearsheimer

China needs to feed 1.4 billion people, so I actually believe that CCP wants to maintain the pre-Covid world order and that Xi really seeks to avoid a Cold War 2. But strategists in China are realists. They know that America will not risk that China becomes the top dog in the global system. As the mafia says: forget about it! Beijing would have said the same if China had been the main superpower facing a rising hegemonic peer power.

Beijing’s actions in Tibet and Xinjiang, plus its desire to continue the civil war against a democratic Taiwan, makes it easy for Washington to play the “good guys”. Common people forget (or don’t know) that corporatists in the UK and US started this messy global conflict over 150 years ago when they attacked China and Japan. Study the Opium Wars and the Perry Expedition for more on this.

It’s insanity to risk the death of maybe 95% of humanity in WW3 just to protect Taiwan, but I’m no fanboy of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) so the fact that a nuclear confrontation will destroy 4IR is the “silver lining” if 1) Mearsheimer is right about the US doubling down on its military commitments in East Asia, and 2) Washington does this in such a clumsy (sleepwalking) manner that we get mushrooms all over the planet, like protein spikes on the coronavirus. If brave hawks in America want to play Dr Strangelove, nothing is stopping them. Better dead than AI red. But it’s MAD.

Notice that Xi didn’t mention anything about protecting traditional cultures in his UN speech. But he mentioned the word “equity”, a corporatist woke concept, three times. GEOPOP:

Full 76th UN Assembly Speech | Xi Jinping in English

Human beings need more than just materialistic equity. Confucius knew that. AI robots are just red if China focuses on Western Marxism in the economic sphere while having a superficial relation to Tian and shén in their own cultural domain. Conservatives in other countries have more respect for Confucians than atheists. Culture matters.

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