The basic power structure of Cold War 2

1) at the top of the pyramid we have AI robot corporations which may self-destruct because of AI flash wars or highly complex and vital but non-military tech systems out of control for unforeseen reasons.

2) EU, China, Russia and United Coasts of America (UCA) are four empires competing to be the first to achieve AI robot supremacy.

3) the third layer of the pyramid consists of powerful actors, organizations and small or medium nation states that have an interest in destroying the surveillance regimes of imperial 4IR (fourth industrial revolution): microbiologists with bioweapons, global drug cartels, large insurgency groups (ISIS for example), private military companies, nonaligned intelligence factions, developing (rogue) states that refuse to be part of cyborg bio-empires.

4) the layers mentioned above rest on bedrocks or “tectonic plates” which may one day crash the new power structure of 4IR: climate changes, natural pandemics, overpopulation, massive migrations and resource scarcity.

Beneath the pyramid and its shaky ground of dangerous mega-trends are vocal but now ultimately insignificant groups: protest movements, NGOs, militias, social media (Gab, Timcast and so on) whistleblowers (Snowden etc), and “ordinary” terrorist groups on the same scale as IRA, RAF and ETA for instance.

At the lowest bottom of it all we have the silent majority, irrelevant and forgettable (when everything becomes automated).

Each of the four layers, 1) – 4), has the potential to (partly) destroy the fourth industrial revolution. All in all it’s a 16.66% to 50% chance that 4IR literally annihilates all human civilizations, according to MIT physicist Max Tegmark and Toby Ord at Oxford University, cf The Precipice or watch this:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

The pyramid and its fragile ground is volatile, complex and potentially cataclysmic on each level, from 1) to 4). Since the fourth industrial revolution has a fifty percent chance of surviving, and the rewards are astronomical, it currently seems clear that the sociopaths who lead our four empires will count on being lucky. And there is little or nothing that ordinary mortals can do about it.

But it’s good and very important that we genuine conservatives, who are now relatively marginalized, keep the culture war going, because we might be the ones who get lucky, if the coin flips in our favor and destroys the Tower of Babel.

Cultural conservatives however should consider working constructively and nonviolently with mainstream politicians in non-Western moderate nation states if the latter appear willing to hear arguments which show the value of an inter-national alliance that boycotts and contains libertine woke EU and United Coasts of America.

I don’t have much hope that Confucian and Han-nationalist China will help cultural conservatives in the West, after this and this. When Beijing gives money to woke companies in UCA it becomes easier for Washington to spread its woke culture globally, especially in the West. No cultural conservative in America and Europe can accept that. One can be open to other cultures without cheap Americanization, cf how the French complained about Disneyland in France. But it seems like China rather cooperate with free-market liberals who caused their “century of humiliation”… Real conservative nationalists will never support the ethno-imperial scumbags who started the Opium Wars. Or maybe CCP is playing five dimensional chess, willing to risk its credibility in the long process of outwitting UCA. I don’t know.

The simplest hypothesis is that Xi is just a first class high-functioning crook pretending to have higher principles than worshipping money and power. Žižek once said that communist leaders in the last decades of Cold War 1 didn’t take their own ideology seriously. On the other hand, perhaps Xi has lacked time to clean up the foreign entertainment industry within China because he’s been busy containing domestic Big Tech.

Have heard that CCP adheres to über-realism, and I’m a 70% realist (also in relation to Silicon Valley!), so despite the idealist in me being disappointed by imperial big power politics there is no doubt that the whole conflict is entertaining from a zoological perspective. Besides, idealistically I’m a moderate nationalist, so will obviously let any nation state handle it’s own internal affairs in peace as long as its decisions don’t affect the culture and sovereignty of my own country. China and Russia have not destroyed Norway’s culture, unlike LA, Silicon Valley and Washington. Finally, assume that theme parks in China are not libertine and woke, obviously, but what about the long term effect of having Hollywood in Beijing?

Anyway, if countries like Russia are willing to participate in an alliance with other states that have a realistic chance of containing libertine and woke UCA/EU, then I personally will prefer to engage in normal political and diplomatic work inside such an alliance instead of being part of any nonviolent militant protest movement. Of course, no such anti-woke traditionalist alliance is necessary if moderate liberals and moderate cultural conservatives in the West are able to get power again in North America and Western Europe. But I doubt that will happen. Trump may win perhaps in the 2024 US presidential election, but he’s not a real cultural conservative. At the end of the day cultural conservatism is probably forever dead in a West dominated by AI robots from Silicon Valley. It’s then up to non-Western states to contain UCA/EU if they want to survive, before AI bots rule the world.

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