Facebook Ray Ban surveillance, autonomous car monitoring everything around it, up to 400 m, and a simple police robot

Pro Robot (07:45 – 09:31) + (10:00 – 10:30):

CIFTIS 2021 – Robot Expo in China |The latest robots and artificial intelligence developments

Facebook Ray Ban is going to (potentially) collect a ton of surveillance data. Imagine a dissident on the run a sunny day. NSA just secretly accesses the cameras of all smart glasses and all autonomous vehicles, plus CCTV cameras, police robots and drones in the air. Dissident captured within 60 seconds. No need for the pre-cogs seen in Minority Report. No more present-day action movies, since all bad guys are captured almost instantaneously. All action movies will be set in the era before AI robotics (if they want to have a semblance of realism).

On a side note: there can’t be any (surprising) sci-fi novels or sci-fi movies when you already live in a sci-fi world. That’s pretty boring.

On a positive note: the great majority of all high-functioning psychopaths in the police, the military and intelligence agencies will soon be out of a job. Suckers.

In 2050 it’s not unlikely that an authoritarian leader (in a banana republic) basically controls a whole state from his office via AI bots. Augustus or Nero could only dream of this kind of power. Almost all other armed Machiavellians except the king, emperor, president or CEO will be out of a job. Suckers.

Our AI overlords will have “human rights” of course. Yay.

Should AI have rights? | Douglas Lenat and Lex Fridman

Has someone put LSD in my coffee cup? Nope. We are all trippin now, on a knife’s edge.

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