Conservative’s culture war probably lost in the West. States outside N America and W Europe must contain libertine woke AI hybrid regimes.

Earlier I’ve been naive enough to think that governing elites in the West today can be convinced to remove libertinism and wokeness from the mainstream culture while letting these two ideologies exist freely in subcultures. I thought a return to moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism in Western mainstream society was possible. Now it appears more realistic to view ultra-liberal states from the perspective of this hypothesis:

China, Russia and the West are building their own panopticons, but these 3 surveillance regimes, based on AI robots, are almost technically identical. It’s all 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). East and West are also economically intertwined and will probably continue to trade in many areas despite Cold War 2. This global structure and dynamic make CW2 different from Cold War 1. Finally, it’s pretty clear to all informed people that Western CorpStates (corporate states) are corrupt and hybrid authoritarian, not substantially different from Russia and China.

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I’m not shocked.

But rulers of almost identical panopticons in West and East need a way to show their own domestic population that they are “the good guys” while the enemy in Cold War 2 is “bad guys”. To create internal cohesion in their own hemisphere it’s necessary for EU and United Coasts of America (UCA) to present themselves as different from their enemy: Russia and China. But how to do that when they all look relatively similar?

My hypothesis is that both Western and Eastern elites have recognized the cleverness of differentiating their panopticons in the same way that football teams use t-shirts with different colors to separate each team from all the other teams. In the West you have the libertine woke “sons of anarchy” team. In China we have the Confucian team. And Russia got Christian colors. These cultural differences are originally much deeper than the t-shirt colors of football teams, of course, but 4IR makes initially deep cultures more superficial in a high-tech modern context.

The point is that many football teams seldom change their colors and emblems. They certainly don’t change their identity if their main rival demands it. Libertine wokeness is the colors of UCA/EU. Convincing them to change is probably as difficult as convincing Liverpool F.C. to change their basic colors.

UCA is pro-woke LGBT, different from all countries which don’t support woke LGBT. Libertine wokeness is the brand and call sign of UCA/EU. Cultural conservatives don’t like that. Let the tribal fight start. Let (geo)political blocs crystallize. CIA mafia against GRU neo-czarism. People who like sex, drugs and rap will naturally prefer the mobster culture of Washington and Silicon Valley.

If the above hypothesis is correct it means that UCA/EU will not give up libertine wokeness, not return to moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, not as long as 4IR exists. Rightwing protest movements inside the West are probably insufficient now. Militant activism is hopeless too, and terrorism is just evil, and counterproductive in 99% of all cases.

But non-Western states have the power to contain libertine and woke UCA/EU. Encircle them. Boycott their propaganda entertainment. Ultra-liberal states cover a geographically small area and they got maximum 780 million citizens, which is just ten percent of a world population of 7.8 billion.

If any cultural conservative in N America or W Europe wants to engage in politics it’s probably best to 1) cooperate with non-Western states instead of using energy on rightwing protest movements inside the West, and 2) settle down in a Christian country like Russia.

This isn’t an ad for Russia. I’m not sure if Kremlin wants to have a wildcard outcast like me as a friend. FSB dudes probably think: who the hell is this crazy Norwegian? And the dudes in the Western IC probably ask the same question too. Or maybe they just don’t care (anymore).

Rightwing movements in the West don’t care either. They will most likely continue to fight forever even when it’s totally unrealistic. This can be advantageous if an external black swan event suddenly cripples woke libertine elites.

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