Beijing appears very much to support libertine and pro-LGBT Hollywood…

Global Times:

Universal Beijing Resort officially opens, signaling China’s opening-up and vibrant consumer market

“There are now two Disneyland theme parks in China: one in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, relying on the market of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; another one in Shanghai, relying on the Yangtze River Delta region. And the Universal Beijing Resort relies on the integrated Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in northern part of China …” (…)

“Situated in major areas in southern to northern parts of China, the three theme parks reveals a contour line for China’s opening up to the outside world, and reflects China’s rapid economic development and increasingly vibrant consumer market, experts said.”

CCP appears tricky, unreliable. It seems to be without principles. First it partly gave up communism in favor of America’s global corporate capitalism. Which is kind of understandable from a Machiavellian perspective of letting the goal justify the means. But China is now so powerful that it appears absurd and self-contradictory – from the viewpoint of 1) communism, 2) Confucianism, and 3) Han nationalism – to continue copying the West, except when it comes to AI and weaponized semiconductors in Cold War 2.

If China uses its influence in Hollywood to stop libertinism and wokeness, then I will from a purely aesthetic perspective be grateful to both CCP and Hollywood. I fear however that CCP is using its remaining power in Hollywood to increase libertinism and wokeness in the US/EU, since they know this will divide the West.

CCP’s dealings with Hollywood confirms one of my hypothesis: that Beijing and Washington are two “mafia families” opportunistically waging wars in some turf areas (Taiwan) while cooperating in other areas. Their cultural differences are then just a facade. A bruised and beaten Chimerica still exists despite the skirmishes of Cold War 2.

I have no permanent friends or enemies, just an eternal interest in cooperating with anyone who stops libertinism and wokeness in mainstream cultures. Right now, after reading Global Times, one can get the impression that not Confucian China but imperial Russia is perhaps the last hope if you are cultural conservative. It will obviously be best if conservative Christians + moderate liberals and moderate cultural conservatives get power again in the West, but if that doesn’t happen soon, in 2024 for example, then Russia under Putin is the best of the worst panopticon systems, from a culturally conservative viewpoint.

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