Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development: most Americans are not interested in fighting for Taiwan

GEOPOP (26:22 – 26:55):

AUSUK Vs China | Elbridge Colby

International politics is a brutal anarchy right beneath the surface of diplomacy and civilization, so given the security dilemma and China’s actions toward Xinjiang, Tibet, Taiwan and India it’s not very surprising that Australia gets nuclear-powered subs. In my darkest and most Churchillian moments I don’t mind if tyrannical anti-human 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) is destroyed more or less in a collision between imperial AUKUS and imperial China. Get the impression that Beijing is ultimately willing to put 4IR on the line if that is what it takes to prevent a repeat of “hundred years of humiliation”, since they know what United Coasts of America (UCA) will do if Silicon Valley reaches AI supremacy first.

In China and Russia, maybe they are not sleepwalking into war. Perhaps it’s WW3 eyes wide open.

United Press International:

Mao’s theory on atomic bomb: They can’t kill us all

“Chairman Mao Tse-Tung maintains that Communist China has nothing to fear from nuclear weapons. But his people have paid a fearful price to develop the atomic bomb of their own. Mao is said to have told a Yugoslav visitor to Peking in 1957, “We have a very large territory and a big population. Atomic bombs could not kill all of us.””

In the age of AI robot weapons maybe Christian Russia and Confucian China are willing to do their own version of “better dead than red” if they are pushed into a corner by lefty woke Silicon Valley AI supremacy.

Anyway, in geopolitics few things are more important than the stopping power of water. Hitler could not occupy UK because of the English Channel. To put the geopolitical safety of Australia in perspective:

Oslo – Tunis (in Africa) = 2,941  km

Darwin to Ho Chi Minh City = 3,720 km

Darwin to Haikou (in Hainan) = 4,253 km

Distance from Portugal to Nova Scotia (in North America) = 4,530 km

Distance from Darwin to Nanning (near the Vietnam border) = 4,621 km

Some Americans may worry about China attacking Los Angeles, but maybe the reason why most of them are not that interested in what happens to Taiwan is that the Pacific separates the two superpowers. People in LA have in one important regard less geographic reason to worry about China than London has reason to fear a Chinese attack on England from Xinjiang.

Distance from London to Urumqi (in Xinjiang) = 6914 km

Distance from Los Angeles to Taipei = 10,900 km

Double-check exact distances since I only used Google Maps to get an approximation.

AI robot tech will eventually conquer geography, but I’m bullish on UCA winning the cold high-tech war, despite being utterly disgusted by this development toward global mobster rule under Pax California. Victory however presupposes “business as usual” in global trade, more or less. Evergrande’s economic problems may perhaps hit UCA too. We live in chaotic times. Beijing seems not that concerned about it:

AUKUS to bring ‘nuclear-powered submarine fever’ across globe: Global Times editorial

“The US and its allies are messing up the world. They are even touching the bottom line of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Here comes an interesting question: Who is more capable of withstanding the global chaos? China or them?”

The Middle East has shown that culture trumps hedonistic free trade.

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