AUKUS will prb face a united authoritarian opposition, cause: ultra-liberals’ insect drones never tell who ordered assassinations

Future underwater Australians sing “We all live in a yellowcake submarine”, but they will only start cruising around China in 2036 or maybe 2040. The Sydney Morning Herald:

Nuclear-powered submarine decision courageous but is it too late?

Will Iran get a nuclear-powered sub through Shanghai Cooperation Organization? Aljazeera:

Iran denounces ‘unilateralism’ as it becomes full SCO member


No grounds to speak about Australia becoming nuclear power — Russian envoy

But nuke subs are dinosaurs. Buying them are probably like generals preparing to fight the last war. In 2040 it’s likely that Silicon Valley has developed AI swarms of insect drones which can simultaneously assassinate the main leaders of authoritarian regimes. Elon Musk for example doesn’t need a private military company to do the dirty job. Humans snitch. They talk. They can’t be trusted. Elon Musk alone, without any human help, can first program recon drones to collect all necessary data about tyrants’ whereabouts, through his 42,000 low-orbit satellites plus AI-hacked IoT, and then singlehandedly program tiny killer drones to wipe out his enemies. Forbes:

Elon Musk’s 42000 StarLink Satellites Could Just Save The World

Tyrants across the planet don’t want to end up as Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. They probably have nightmares about being drone-attacked like Suleimani or Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki, a 16-year-old American assassinated by liberal and multicultural Obama.

The fact that Pentagon dumps conservatives in favor of libertine and woke computer geeks in sunny California clearly signals that Washington is betting everything on AI bots fighting “liberal” wars in the future. Western corporate imperialism 3.0 will succeed if nobody stops 4IR (fourth industrial revolution).

England used its alliances to outmaneuver Napoleon. But the likely narrow AI supremacy of Washington and Silicon Valley in the near future, maybe 2035 or 2040, implies that leaders in authoritarian states are very myopic if not forming an alliance with China and Russia. The war over AI supremacy means that CW2 is not like the alliance system of Cold War 1. Some authoritarian leaders are maybe too greedy and can therefore be bought by Silicon Valley, but what will happen with these leaders and their children when ultra-“liberal” AI governs the blue planet? They will be neutralized, perhaps as early as 2040 if multi-domain narrow AI developments continue uninterrupted.

United Coasts of America (UCA) and EU are small geographic areas compared to the rest of the world. If all authoritarian regimes pretend that they have expansionist intentions it will cost US/EU and Australia trillions of dollars to feel secure in their snowflake 4IR woke safe spaces.

None of this is good if you support Jeffersonian democracies. The Russian panopticon is botulinum (keeps you “pretty”). Silicon Valley is cholera. If only panopticons are on offer it’s little doubt that Christians will prefer the Russian version since it (kind of) respects culturally conservative values.

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