It’s not like the fall of the Roman Empire. It’s the rise of AI robotic “enlightened” dictatorship.

Velvet tyranny is the “freedom” of being always under surveillance in a hedonistic luxury maze created by the AI of Silicon Valley.

James Fallows, who was President Jimmy Carter’s chief speechwriter, writes in The Atlantic, 13 Aug 2021:

Will the U.S. Pass a Point of No Return?

Fallows refers to an article titled “Crossing the Rubicon” by Eric Schnurer who is a national Woodrow Wilson Fellow, a former adjunct professor at Brown, served as a gubernatorial chief of staff and policy adviser to governors, senators, and presidential candidates. Schnurer:

“Some politician someday—one we don’t yet know, whose thinking isn’t locked in to the current paradigm—will devise our own equivalent of the Augustinain settlement, a new consensus that both sides, today’s red and blue Americas, can grudgingly accept because it purports to give them both what they want. We can suppose that, like Augustus, this new leader will need to satisfy conservatives by paying obeisance to traditionalist values and forms. But he or she will recognize the new economic realities shaping the future of wealth and power: Thus, perhaps, underneath the public façade of conservative rectitude will flourish with tacit official approval a liberal urban society of tremendous innovation and wealth—in science, technology, culture, art, thought and belief generally.”

The problem is that this “Augustinain settlement” appears in some regards to be the old model of constitutional democracy, based on moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, which libertine woke elites have now abandoned after its success all the way back to Edmund Burke and John Stuart Mill.

Many constitutional democracies, after all, were and continues to be imperial. Queen Victoria was a liberal opium queen cooperating with Rothschild bankers. True democracies have never existed, according to Steven Pinker.

James Bradley, who received Department of the Navy Superior Public Service Award for his contributions in keeping alive the history of the Navy and Marine Corps, (November 18, 2003), writes in The China Mirage:

“A month later, in July 1839, Commissioner Lin addressed a letter to Queen Victoria, then just twenty years old, only two years on the British throne:”

“We have heard that in your own country opium is prohibited… this is a strong proof that you know full well how hurtful it is to mankind. Since then you do not permit it to injure your own country, you ought not to have the injurious drug transferred to another country.… Of the products which China exports to your foreign countries, there is not one which is not beneficial to mankind.… Has China (we should like to ask) ever yet sent forth a noxious article from its soil?… [If] foreigners came from another country, and brought opium into England, and seduced the people of your country to smoke it, would not you, the sovereign of the said country, look upon such a procedure with anger, and in your just indignation endeavor to get rid of it?…”

A more comprehensive comparison is to say that constitutional democracies are also a bit like the always corrupt Roman Republic before Caesar crossed the Rubicon, before Augustus became emperor.

Silicon Valley however is a new type of empire, in no need of having a culturally conservative facade. It can exist indefinitely with the help of AI drones and IoT surveillance, if nobody stops it.

We have already entered a globalized AI robotic society where common people are increasingly irrelevant, where private military and security companies (PMSCs) were in Iraq even after many ordinary Americans thought Obama had called home the troops. The Invisible Soldiers – How America Outsourced Our Security by Ann Hagedorn:

“On October 21, 2011, President Obama declared the Iraq War’s end and announced a new day for a selfreliant Iraq.” (…)

“Long after the troops had returned home, the PMSCs and the diplomatic personnel would be representing America in Iraq and the region.”

AI robots will make elites very rich (all the way to Mars when mining the Moon and living as fancy cave men on the red planet). But they are unprecedented filthy rich already. Schnurer writes in The Atlantic article:

“Will highly-educated Americans really be willing to settle for physical security and financial success beyond anything now imaginable, in return for abandoning the American Republic for an enlightened dictatorship? The Roman experience isn’t very encouraging on that score—but neither are contemporary Democrats.” (…)

“… Increasingly-illiberal “progressives” are slowly losing not just the white working class but also Black and Latino workers, those for whom they think they speak.”

The pseudo-enlightened velvet tyranny of libertine woke elites will be a regime of high-functioning mafia rule. If this elite gets presidential power in 2028 or 2032 it will have enough AI robotic power to abolish real elections in the West. The result will be hollow democracies, as seen in Russia for example. When the only option is to choose between two types of surveillance regimes it makes sense for cultural conservatives to live in Russia, a Christian state. Presupposing that Kremlin has cleaned up the organized crime scene in Russia and the cities are decent. In other words: a Christian czarist Russia is back, in a high-tech version. The “sons of anarchy” in the West can then rot in America and EU, in a 1000 years AI Reich of boring empty vulgarity.

But if United Coasts of America (UCA) returns to moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, then it will reunite America. That is what I pray will happen, as soon as possible. America saved Europe in WW2 and helped liberate my own country, Norway, so I’m against a “peaceful divorce” of red and blue states in the US. Constitutional democracies need a united America. But not if moderate conservatives must pay the heavy price of sacrificing their core values in a woke and libertine West.

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