Privatized US military will not intervene in Taiwan if China does a Kennedy 1962 and promises to stay out of Latin America

WW3 is not good for business. The leaders of the US military are so corrupted by corporate interests that they will not risk a financially bad WW3 just to protect Taiwan.

The US military is treasonous:

Spokesman CONFIRMS Gen. Milley “Treason” Calls Happened, Report Confirms Pelosi Coup Against Trump

In Cold War 2 it’s treason when a US general assures China that he will commit treason if a war breaks out.

FOX News:

Trump acting Defense Secretary Miller says he ‘did not’ authorize Milley China calls, says he should resign

Western militaries are so weak that they “take a knee” for a woke minority of snowflakes and certifiably crazy computer geeks in Silicon Valley. It will take a decade for these nerds to create an army of half-automated beastly Übermenschen in America. If China means demonic business I guess CCP will attack Taiwan before 2030, or maybe before Trump perhaps gets power again in 2024, though corporate Deep State wishes he has a stroke or heart attack, since he will probably take revenge when he’s back in the White House and maybe even use AI drones against Big Tech if he lives to be president in 2028, doing a real 1/6. Rightwing populists know that Democrats can rule forever after 2030 with the help of AI robot surveillance power. Better for conservatives to grab practically eternal AI power before woke libertines grab it. One AI to rule them all…

CCP by the way does not treat money as a holy cow. GEOPOP:

China’s New Economic Approach | Kevin Rudd

Since climate changes will demand a reduction in economic growth in any case it’s possible that CCP is willing to attack Taiwan and thereby sacrifice global neoliberal supply chains, because that will hurt Washington and Silicon Valley too.

If the West keeps ignoring China’s New Maritime Safety Law don’t exclude the possibility that Beijing does a tiny nuclear test on a small reef in the South China Sea maybe a week after Western warships have left the area. This will signal that China is a superpower. Similar to how Hiroshima and Nagasaki sent a clear message to the world: America is the boss. If China today has the same willingness to use violence as the US in August 1945, then be prepared to either fight WW3 or let China establish its own Monroe Doctrine. Obviously, I really dislike both options.

I’m 100% certain however that the corporate army of Washington and Silicon Valley sees no profit in WW3. So, if China has the guts and endurance to take back Taiwan we’ll almost certainly end up with an anti-libertine and anti-woke 1984 hegemon in the East and a sleazy, disgusting and vulgar surveillance hegemon in the West. In this frozen situation, which can last for decades or centuries when upheld by AI and robots, a cultural conservative must move to Russia, to live in a surveillance regime that has Christian values at least.

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