Autonomous vehicles = crowd control + surveillance system

When all cars are driven by AI, the CorpState (corporate state) can shut down cars at will. Future generations will not even have learned the skills needed to drive a car. They will have less freedom of movement than people who owned a horse in pre-modern times. Their movement will be at the mercy of the CorpState.

If you have violated a (minor) law, maybe a law you didn’t knew existed, no car for you. Reducing drivers to passengers takes away their autonomy. It contributes to making them dumb, passive and helpless in a jobless society where robots do almost everything. If these global AI systems fall apart one day, unskilled humans will be almost as helpless as infants in the wilderness. Because synapses in the brain follow the principle: use them or lose them.

If the global AI system ever stabilizes, in 2150 for example, then relatively few people will be motivated to maintain a high skill level within a profession when knowing that it’s all pointless unless the AI system perhaps collapses in a very distant future.

Maybe there will be a ban against shutting down cars, in the West, but this ban will be ignored during an “emergency” such as Covid-19. The police can also quickly stop a dissident in his/her car if (secretly) using a backdoor in the vehicle’s software, sending a command through 6G+ (Li-Fi) IoT in order to track the car.

Autonomous vehicles have cameras 360. They will be a significant part of the panopticon.

When everyone has AR glasses connected to the metaverse, the omnipresent surveillance system will be (almost) complete. NSA or hackers can (secretly) use backdoors in the proprietary closed-source code to automatically spy through AR glasses without the users being aware of it. If the facial recognition of the AR glasses detect a dissident, a message can be sent to NSA and then relayed to police officers who pretend they accidentally stumbled upon the dissident. Reuters:

Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

When a human being cannot know whether he or she has become the target of automated enhanced surveillance or not, then it’s natural that he/she will act and behave as if being under max surveillance, because that is the safest thing to do in a society where you cannot trust the government. In a panopticon, 99.99% of all people will “voluntarily” behave as dictated by the CorpState, because they know that rebellion is pointless. The mass surveillance of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is literally a tyranny. It’s not hyperbolic to say that it’s an insidious dictatorship. The panopticon is very effective oppression in itself even if our despots never turn the key in the “turnkey tyranny” (Snowden).

In the near future there will probably be a global cataclysmic event, which destroys 4IR, or three panopticons, each with its own flavor: 1) a sleazy and disgusting surveillance regime in the West, 2) a non-libertine and non-woke Marxist Confucian 1984 in areas controlled by China, and 3) an Orthodox Christian panopticon in Russia.

Pick your poison. I’m a Christian, so I may eventually move to Russia if cultural conservatives in the US don’t restore America.

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