DSM-5 needs to include two new mental disorders: Musk Syndrome and Silicon Valley Disorder

Musk Syndrome occurs when an Asperger gets so much dysfunctional power that it threatens humanity.

Silicon Valley Disorder spreads when common people accept the new AI robot surveillance society created by Aspergers and other people who are mentally close to the high-functioning autism spectrum, cf NeuroTribes by Silberman, a book about Aspergers working in Silicon Valley.

After reading the following two articles it should be clearer why DSM-5 should include Musk Syndrome and Silicon Valley Disorder:

Teslasuit will manipulate and monitor kids and grownups

EMP against Tesla’s new swarm panopticon in space?

If a general in the intelligence community or a police chief studies the “metaverse” proposed by Silicon Valley but still concludes that this AI robotic “metaverse” is normal, good and healthy, then I urge him or her to get help from a wise psychiatrist who is old enough to remember human societies in the 1970s and 1980s, long before the Internet and the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

It’s not hyperbolic when I claim that 4IR has become a collective mental disease. It’s basically in the same category as the Children’s Crusade, the rise of Nazism in Germany and the Cultural Revolution in China. In Silicon Valley there is a mild high-functioning tech psychosis, on a collective level, a bit similar to a religious delusion, cf Heavens on Earth by Michael Shermer.

Psychiatrists would have claimed that a person suffers from paranoid schizophrenia if he or she kept insisting that: “We must operate chips into the brains of human beings to protect them against AI”. But when Musk says it our leaders reward him by giving him the opportunity to build gigafactories, feeding his megalomania.

The Sydney Morning Herald:

Elon Musk building brain-computer interface to protect against AI singularity

“Neural lace, says Musk, will add a digital layer to the brain that can wirelessly beam data from our noggins to connected devices and the cloud.”

Critics will argue that Elon is not clinically mad (not counting his Asperger’s), because the AI Singularity is a real possibility, they claim. But if a society builds this AI Singularity, despite knowing that humans must have chips in their brains to counter it, then the leaders of our society are clinically insane, which is not strange since high-functioning psychopaths manage to infest power structures.

I have nothing against people on the high-functioning autism spectrum or individuals near this spectrum. I’m an outcast, deliberately “crazy like a bat” if I want to provoke “normal” people inside hierarchies, but an anomaly like myself is not fit for power. Neither should Aspergers have power. They should not have the power to shape the lives of common people. If a president or prime minister develops personal issues that make him or her a danger to society there are legal procedures one can follow to remove him/her from office. But nobody can remove the leaders of the GB-MAFIA: Google, Boston Dynamics, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel and Amazon.

Xi in China has Silicon Valley Disorder plus “German Marxist Disease”. Why a great civilization state like China continues to copy an ideology from Germany and tech from the US is beyond me.

Some delusional Internet junkies will perhaps argue that I’m biased against Musk, but that is not the case. I use computer games to take focus away from the discomfort of narcolepsy. If Musk creates a non-libertine and non-woke MMORPG that keeps me a bit more awake, then I will use it as “medicine”. Have never denied that 4IR can be good if you are sick. Internet access in hospitals makes it easier to endure long boring days if you are a patient. But 4IR is not good for healthy common people.

Some will say I’m a hypocrite when criticizing Musk while being willing to use his tech in some cases. But I’m totally open about being a hypocrite, like everyone else. I’m honest about it however. I’m also so disillusioned that I’m now only a 30% idealist. Being a 70% egoist I have no problem using any tech which can serve as “pain relief” against narcolepsy. I’m therefore not a Luddite, not anti-Musk either. Just describing sick people in a 4IR madhouse. A bit like a drug addict criticizing drug cartels. In fact, what’s hypocritical about that? I remember how Big Tech got people addicted to cell phones. They practically gave them away for free in Norway, in the 1990s. The first fix is free.

If you are young, born after 1995, always remember that today’s high-tech global society is the product of mental disorder, a sick worldview originating in places like Silicon Valley. Normality is how humanity existed 40,000 years prior to 1995. If you are healthy and want to remain healthy then liberate your mind from being dependent on the Internet. Walk out of the madhouse. Climb a mountain, surf real waves, read an old book or maybe visit a monastery. Live in a “primitive” non-Western country if necessary.

Don’t engage with crazy 4IR supporters. Ignore them in the same way you ignore hospitalized lunatics. But 4IR leaders and disciples in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen have global power, so occasionally keep an eye on them, similar to how you would be wary about the power of the SA in the 1920s or the Red Guards in the 1960s.

The only “good news” is that a madhouse tends to self-destruct:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

I initially entertained the idea that militant activism can stop or slow down 4IR. Don’t think that any longer. The 4IR disorder has spread too far and deep for militant groups to prevent it. Only a cataclysmic event caused by contradictions within the major global power structures (of 4IR) can (partly) destroy AI robotic surveillance societies. Basically however I’m no longer angry at Big Tech in Silicon Valley. Sick people deserve empathy and compassion in a tragic situation.

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