The 5th turning of DSI: militant activism against surveillance is hopeless but never surrender the old ways in the culture war (DSI) flip-flops between paradigms/viewpoints:

The last stage of (DSI): full circle

But just when you thought a stage or paradigm is pretty final history turns again, in an even more insane way, making it necessary to partly update one’s assumptions and conclusions, as recommended by Thomas Bayes. The new data which has now made me (temporarily) conclude that militant activism against surveillance is hopeless, is the following developments in the extremely bizarre fourth industrial revolution:

Teslasuit will manipulate and monitor kids and grownups

EMP against Tesla’s new swarm panopticon in space?

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is a madhouse grown so big that left- or rightwing militant activists lack the power to defeat it. Have for example presented the two articles above to people on Gab, but only got a handful of replies. Nobody are doing anything substantial to stop 4IR. Snowden for example tries to warn people, to little or no avail. Shoshana Zuboff has published The Age of Surveillance Capitalism but the MAFIA – Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel and Amazon – have grown more powerful despite our knowledge of their dark sides.

Militant groups in the West are so weak now that they can’t participate in any effective alliance even if they had the same pragmatic attitude as Churchill during WW2, a man willing to form an alliance with Stalin to stop Hitler, following the principle that an enemy of an enemy is a temporary “friend”.

Only a cataclysmic event can (partly) stop the fourth industrial revolution. When I discuss such events here on DSI please always remember that I’m not saying that militant groups should try to trigger them. They can’t trigger a cataclysmic event in any case. That’s a fact. They are so small that they can’t play David against Goliath, since the latter is crazy big on a planetary Kafka level. The madhouse is too big.

Insanity asylums can crumble from within however. If a cataclysmic event occurs it will be triggered within the complex and fragile system of 4IR in combination with at least four mega-trends: climate changes, overpopulation, resource scarcity and Cold War 2.

MIT physicist Max Tegmark and other AI researchers estimate that there is approximately somewhere between 16.66% and 50% chance that AI or other Big Tech innovations will kill all of humanity the next hundred years (in combination with non-4IR factors). For more on this read The Precipice by Toby Ord at Oxford University, or just watch this:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

Maybe not even global drug cartels are big enough to partly stop 4IR. My speculative guess is that if a worldwide catastrophe happens it will probably be a nuclear war over Taiwan or it will be a new pandemic started by a microbiologist inside the military-industrial complex, similar to Bruce Edwards Ivins (or Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning).

Genuine left- and rightwing populists should keep fighting Big Tech and never give up, because a cataclysm may hit us like a black swan at any time:

China’s nuke video can prevent a repeat of happy-go-lucky July 1914

There can be a new spring for cultural conservatism after 4IR is (partly) destroyed.

But the lead-up to a global catastrophe is a potential development decided only by those in the big league of destructive power. In this game I’m obviously just an observer. Like a zoologist watching gorillas fight. So everything you read here about potential gruesome events in the future please keep in mind that it’s red teaming, an academic exercise, amateur online commentary, since it’s crystal clear that I lack the power and influence to be a player on the global stage. Instead of engaging in militant activism against Big Tech surveillance regimes I will spend time on this non-destructive project:

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