Teslasuit will manipulate and monitor kids and grownups


Pro Robot presents Teslasuit in the scary and freakish metaverse:

Cyberspace of the Future | The Meta-Universe by Facebook and Microsoft

The Verge:


This development is why I predict that cultural conservatism will be (almost) fully dead in the mainstream culture of the West in 2030 if no cataclysmic event (partly) stops the fourth industrial revolution.

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, wants to build a parallel economy that can compete with Big Tech. That’s like the French Resistance using all its time and resources on building a parallel economy next to the Nazi economy in 1940.

But cultural conservatives in the West live in a strange kind of denial of current tech realities. It’s therefore very unlikely that Big Tech will face any real resistance from 99.9 % of rightwing people in the West.

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