Max Mad biowarfare in Cyberpunk Dystopia (2021)?

I love crazy people. Abnormality is my crown. Outcast since 1971. Observing a super-predator, Herr Musk, an Asperger, jockeying for the position of global imperator cyborg is therefore fascinating, like Steve Irwin having a big happy grin when suddenly discovering a mutant crocodile in an Australian mining area. If you are a regular conservative however, a man or woman who prefers to live in a normal society, like we did in the 1950s for example (or the 1970s in Norway), then Tesla is your enemy, your oppressor. The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters:

Welcome to the Cyberpunk Dystopia

Oy, you obscene NSA dudes, watch out for any microbiologist seeing the above video! Burn it will ya. It’s dangerous, a threat to Masters of the Universe in safe and reliable Bug Tech.

Every day more people are discovering the tyranny which has gradually been built around them. My only criticism of the above video is that masks in Big Tech hubs are not unwise since AI bot companies in Austin, Boston and LA are part of the military-industrial complex: WMD AI production facilities which are perceived “legitimate targets” if anybody wants to design a new virus (variant) that bypasses current vaccines, in order to engage in evil preemptive shadow biowarfare against cyberpunk dystopia.

Vaccines are the shield. Lethal viruses are the sword. I bet that many governments, including United Coasts of America (UCA), are right now developing new synthetic viruses that can bypass even the most “perfect” universal vaccine. This biological arms race increases the risk of an (intentional) error-ism event. What if a trusted microbiologist in the military-industrial complex does a Bruce Edwards Ivins, after deciding that cyberpunk dystopia ain’t fun anymore? What if he “accidentally” leaks one of the viruses designed by a (shady) nation or a (dubious) corporation?

One of the reasons why I will not get involved in any kind of destructive or violent militant activism is that 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) is such a dark complex system full of contradictions on the brink of self-destruction that I might as well wait for the (partial) collapse instead of risking imprisonment after having done anything unlawful. Have therefore no need to spread the articles of to many people. Better to just wash my hands (Matthew 27:24) and let bellicose “smart fools” in CorpStates mess up humanity beyond recognition.

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