EMP against Tesla’s new swarm panopticon in space?

Elon Musk is using SpaceX and Starlink to build a swarm of cubesats in space – at least 42,000 of them – that can monitor everything and everyone on Earth via IoT sensors in the wilderness for example. There will be nowhere to hide. Elon sees you. It will be a platform for superior AI outwitting Kremlin’s and Beijing’s IoT systems inside Russia and China. Every militia member in the US will be tagged too.

Future Vision:

What Elon Musk Just Did With SpaceX & Why It Changes Everything!

What if China or Russia waits until Starlink is a big success, with lots of investors, and then threaten to EMP it all if Western CorpStates don’t comply in a conflict over Taiwan for example?

Russia and China will fry their own space equipment too if detonating an EMP, but if one of these empires notices that 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) makes them eternal losers in the competition against the United Coasts of America (UCA) it’s possible they just blow up 4IR.

At the moment however it seems like Russia and China are betting on not losing the 4IR Cold War.


Launch of OneWeb satellites from Vostochny spaceport scheduled for October 14

Notice that Russia is helping a British company launch a swarm of Internet satellites. Why is Kremlin helping the enemy?

The Geopolitics in Conflict Show:

Huawei & ZTE Help China Take the Lead in 6G Technology!!!

Exclamation marks are just fantastic.

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