Red teaming bioterrorism …and the “Stockholm Syndrome”?

When red teaming the dark side one must have the ability to describe it accurately, which means that one must use emotional and strong language in one’s descriptions of evils (such as corruption, neo-imperialism and hybrid authoritarianism for example). But harsh language is not unscientific if one can mindfully observe one’s own strong emotive reactions in a detached way. For example, I can say that the current “rightwing” neoliberal government in Norway is a Quisling regime, as explained here and here, but the angry reaction this triggers in me calms down quickly when seeing earthly life from an otherworldly Christian perspective. I’m relatively old and don’t have kids, so whatever happens on Earth after 2045 will not concern me, because I probably die in the 2040s anyway. Since I view Earth only as a bus station I don’t mind playing computer games while waiting for God to take me home, away from this silly, pathetic and absurd place. Earth is inherently sinful, as I see it, so doing all kinds of crazy violent things to somehow improve the lot of humanity is not my thing.

The Stockholm Syndrome is maybe a myth, but let’s say for the sake of argument that it exists, at least in the weaker form of “going native” when doing long-term red teaming. But that’s not a problem if you tie yourself to the mast before starting a red teaming project. For example, I told intelligence agencies in 2019 that I was going to do research on the threat of bioterrorism and asked them to hack my computer device in order to check that I was not doing anything criminal. After this project I know much more about bioterrorism, but even if I had wanted to abuse this knowledge it’s not a problem because I will never get access to a university where students learn the tacit practical knowledge required if you want to create gain-of-function viruses. Secondly, if I tried to spread my articles on (DSI) all over the Internet, in the evil hope that an evil microbiologist would read it, the intelligence community would instantly have noticed if or when a microbiologist clicked on a DSI article. After that I may end up in an “accident” caused by an unknown subcontractor of a private military company. Dying pointlessly is not my thing either.

I write about bioterrorism to remind intelligence agencies about the danger. But the subject is so evil that I hope few other people read my articles about bioterrorism. My primitive ego likes attention of course, but my “higher self” prefer that DSI only gets few visitors. Repelling readers is one reason why I write in an unorthodox manner. For example, all of my criticism of woke propaganda in computer games is genuine, but also see the advantage of presenting myself as a gamer. Who is going to take a gamer seriously? Nobody can refer to a gamer as being an “authority”. In the dark field of bio-weaponry I have no desire to be an authority. Better to be overlooked. I don’t mind that DSI in general gets little attention because I now consider anti-surveillance to be a lost cause as long as no cataclysmic event doesn’t significantly disrupt the libertine woke fourth industrial revolution in the West.

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