The psychology of “radicalization” during the culture war

Have never been anti-LGBT. Have knowingly rented movies about gay people and enjoyed it. When two lefty friends invited me to a LGBT party I said yes and had a good time. In 2016 however I reacted negatively to Elder Scrolls Online disrespecting conservatives by including LGBT content, but my emotions about it were not strong. It was not something I focused on. Back then I quickly forgot about LGBT content in ESO when playing the game.

But after reading this article here about Hollywood propaganda and reading Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro, I for the first time in my life got angry at the LGBT lobby because 1) I strongly dislike all propaganda, and 2) I realized that this lobby had been using LGBT propaganda in movies, tv series and online games in order to manipulate people.

I complained about LGBT propaganda when talking with lefty friends, but they defended this Goebbels method! Therefore joined rightwing people in the culture war, since leftwing propaganda governs the West today and rightwing citizens are willing to fight it (and replace it with rightwing propaganda, making it necessary to cooperate with leftwing people to stop conservative propaganda if it returns in the future).

I enjoy the culture war as a kind of ersatz-entertainment, a substitute for American entertainment after it turned woke. But recently I have noticed that my emotional opposition to woke LGBT have become stronger and more serious, i.e. more serious than just viewing the culture war as alternative entertainment.

I practice mindfulness and can therefore observe my own emotions in a detached way. Have recently noticed that just being active online in the culture war has “radicalized” my emotions, made them more intensely opposed to woke LGBT, in such a degree that I can no longer easily forget that ESO is a LGBT propaganda game when playing it. This change has occurred because the culture war is a relatively hot conflict which (subconsciously) triggers a slight degree of adrenaline just by participating in it. Adrenaline makes you remember things more easily. Consequently, when I have written much about ESO and LGBT propaganda the last 8 months, when simultanously having slightly higher adrenaline levels than usual, it’s natural that this focus (“hyper-awareness”) and adrenaline have made it more difficult to not associate ESO with LGBT propaganda during gaming.

I therefore no longer enjoy ESO as much as I did only a few months ago. The last weeks it’s been annoying that ESO more often triggers LGBT associations during gaming. This has made me more determined to fight woke LGBT in real life. But that’s a vicious circle, because continued participation in the culture war will only make me angrier at ESO, which makes it less easy to enjoy the game, which again incites me to fight in the culture war.

Some superficial liberal critics may say: dude, it’s only a game, if it annoys you, stop playing it. Firstly, have already invested too much money in ESO to quit it. Secondly, it’s not only about ESO. Almost all American entertainment now contains anti-conservative propaganda. This changes Western culture, in principle it’s similar to how Goebbels’ propaganda changed Germany. Fourthly: from the viewpoint of mindfulness, absurdism and otherworldly Christianity I have much self-irony regarding the fact that I have joined the ranks of common people who are online entertainment junkies.

Have written this post to show corporations, governments and intelligence agencies that libertinism and LGBT content in entertainment can change the attitudes of common people who are nonviolent sheep in any case, but this propaganda will only backfire when culturally conservative elites are exposed to it. I started out as being neutral to LGBT but have now been radicalized because of LGBT propaganda in ESO. The latter motivated me to join rightwing people in the culture war. Its propaganda has therefore had the opposite effect of what ESO intended.

Have also observed that LGBT appears more repelling when it in today’s culture war becomes associated with disgusting sexual online content not effectively stopped by corporations and the police in the ultra-liberal West. In other words, the libertine West has become very disgusting, from a conservative viewpoint at least, but LGBT is part of this sleazy (criminal) libertine West. In this situation it’s natural that the primitive areas of conservative brains can easily be disgusted by LGBT too (if they have not always been disgusted by it). Disgust neutralizes empathy. Increased disgust and increased anger caused by an escalating culture war may neutralize the empathy of a rightwing microbiologist. That’s very dangerous if he/she has the skills needed to create a bioweapon.

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