Norwegian insurgency against US military occupation of areas in Norway?

Norway signs Supplementary Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States

“The Agreement establishes and regulates Agreed Facilities and Areas, which are specified locations that may be used for military purposes. Under the Agreement, US forces will have unimpeded access to and use of these facilities and areas. All U.S. activities shall be conducted with full respect for the sovereignty, laws, and international legal obligations of Norway.” (…)

“These areas will be used jointly by Norwegian, U.S. and other Allied forces, and the U.S. may decide to provide infrastructure investments at these locations.” (…)

“Buildings and other infrastructure constructed and financed by the U.S. at these locations in the future will become the property of Norway, while the U.S. will have right of unimpeded access and use.”


“Norway waives its primary right to exercise criminal jurisdiction over members of the U.S. forces as provided by Article VII, Paragraph 3(c), of the NATO SOFA. In specific cases that Norwegian authorities determine involve special circumstances, Norwegian authorities may withdraw the waiver by providing a statement in writing to the competent U.S. forces authorities not later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the notification described in Paragraph 3 of this Article.”

“3. Subject to any particular arrangements that may be made for minor offenses, U.S. forces authorities shall notify Norwegian authorities as soon as practicable of each case falling under the provisions of Paragraph 2 of this Article.”

“4. Whenever a member of the U.S. forces, or a dependent, is prosecuted by Norwegian authorities, jurisdiction shall be exercised by Norwegian civilian courts of ordinary jurisdiction.”

“5. Members of the U.S. forces and dependents shall not be tried in absentia without their consent.”

“6. Recognizing that Norway has the right to take appropriate investigatory measures regarding alleged offenses, the competent authorities of the Parties shall cooperate in the carrying out of all necessary investigations into alleged offenses, as referred to in Article VII, Paragraph 6(a) of the NATO SOFA.”

The Supplementary Defense Cooperation Agreement weakens Norway’s sovereignty. The US military is infested by Private Military Companies aka mercenaries. One cannot trust that these crooks will respect any laws after what we have seen in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. From a moderate nationalistic perspective it’s no doubt that the current government in Norway consists of traitors. They are Quislings who have allowed almost a million immigrants to take over property in our small country. They have sold many of our companies to foreigners. And now they are allowing another state to have unimpeded access to Norwegian military bases. This is treason from a moderate nationalistic perspective. It follows logically from the premises of moderate nationalism that insurgency attacks on bases in Norway occupied by woke privatized US forces are now justified.

Christian Russia, unlike the Soviet Union, does not have enough military power to warrant this special deal between globalist traitors in Norway and globalist crooks in Washington.

Russia’s economy is weaker than Italy’s economy. Russia has a population of ca 146 million in 2021. The EU population is at 446 million inhabitants, the world’s third largest population after China and India. Military power is based on economic size and population size, cf John Mearsheimer. It’s therefore ridiculous paranoia if the globalist woke government in today’ secular Norway actually fears Russia, a Christian country.

The above is just an academic assessment based on an elementary understanding of nationalism. It’s not inciting violence against US corporate forces in Norway, partly because I’m a 70% realist. Old Norway is already so destroyed by globalist traitors the last 2-3 decades that hedonistic Norwegians today are pacified sheep not willing to rebel against a neoliberal Quisling government. Only a cataclysmic event can stop the power of these CorpState crooks. In the meanwhile I’m too busy playing computer games to care.

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