Is China’s New Maritime Safety Law a trajectory to war?

Difference Frames the World:

Will The US Follow China’s New Maritime Safety Law In The South China Sea?

South China Morning Post:

China, US cry crime and misdemeanour as warship tests Beijing’s new law at Mischief Reef

““The actions of the US side seriously violated China’s sovereignty and security, which is further solid evidence of its aggressive navigation hegemony and militarisation of the South China Sea,” Tian said, adding that the US was the “biggest destroyer” of peace and stability in the South China Sea.”

““China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters. Troops in the theatre are always on high alert, and will resolutely defend national sovereignty and security as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea.”” (…)

“The US later upped the ante in an updated statement, saying that the PLA’s statement was “false”.”

““The United States will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows, as USS Benfold did here,” it said. “Nothing [China] says otherwise will deter us.””

The above is another example illustrating that we live in a chaotic, complex and unpredictable world. In this situation it’s rational to create a more united West by dropping wokeness and returning to moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism. United we stand, divided we fall. Pentagon embracing wokeness only makes sense in a long-term R&D perspective, in order to get woke computer geniuses to create new AI robotic weapon systems that will be superior and operational after 2030. But an intercontinental war may occur in the 2020s. A divided West is not anti-fragile in this decade if corporations and governments don’t stop the culture war.

China will naturally see it as a long-term advantage if missiles destroy Big Tech hubs on the American West Coast. Cultural conservatives will naturally view it as a disaster while simultaneously concluding that the positive side effect of this war can be the (partial) end of the anti-human woke fourth industrial revolution. That’s the silver lining of a truly horrifying situation.

If a war over Taiwan occurs the main losers are probably the ultra-liberal Big Tech Establishment. Are they willing to risk WW3? Are they saying “Better Dead than Red”? Well, just look at Mr Musk’s gigafactory in China. Torque News:

HOURS AGO! Tesla China Posts Record Sales in August With 34% Increase

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