Mask mandates in US coastal cities are reasonable enough, but Covid vaccine mandates are not justified in the West

Big Tech hubs on the US coasts (and Austin) are part of Cold War 2. Swarms of tiny AI drones are WMDs. Developed by Silicon Valley and Pentagon. This increases the risk of a virus attack on the United Coasts of America (UCA). Perhaps the virus will be (slightly) more lethal than Covid-19. It’s therefore rational enough if citizens in UCA wear masks until there is an universal vaccine against all bioterrorism and biowarfare. But attackers will not use a virus (variant) that’s easily neutralized by Covid vaccines. Western authoritarian leaders can not use the fear of bioterrorism to justify today’s Covid vaccine mandates. Furthermore, if they are afraid of biological attacks they should explain to the public why Big Tech (cultural) policies in the West have increased the risk of bioterrorism and biowarfare.

Supporters of the neoliberal Establishment will perhaps argue that we can’t have a public debate about why UCA has now a higher risk of being attacked with a bioweapon, because a media discussion about it will make the risk even worse.

But the cat is already out of the bag. Microbiologists are very intelligent, highly educated, though within a specialized field of biotech. If one of them decides to become a bioterrorist it’s because he/she has already seen today the obvious dangers which threaten 1) original biological humanity, 2) the environment, 3) freedom in democracies and/or 4) cultural traditions. He or she will not become an evil bioterrorist just because The New York Times has more articles about the topic. Nor will a microbiologist be on Gab or Gettr.

Rogue states, or rogue intelligence officers within such a state, in Africa for example, will also make decisions independently of Western (social) media.

I assume that one of the reasons why neoliberal leaders (in Big Tech and the IC) don’t want to have a public discussion about the relation between biological attacks and libertine woke 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) is because they know that the libertine woke 4IR they have created the last 25 years is now absurd, messed up beyond recognition.

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