Can a manmade (lab-leaked) pandemic stop AI robotic “progress” and save cultural conservatism?

Niall Ferguson writes in Doom (2021):

“Plagues do not halt progress if progress is happening. The same London that suffered the last great bubonic plague outbreak of 1665 (and the Great Fire the following year) was about to become the central hub of an extraordinary commercial empire, a humming hive of scientific and financial innovation, the pivotal city of the world for roughly two centuries. No pathogen could stop that. Our plague is likely to have the biggest disruptive impacts on places where progress had already ceased and stagnation had set in. First in line for disruption should be the bureaucracies that in some countries, including Britain and America, so badly failed to deal with this crisis. Next should be those universities that were more interested in propagating “woke” ideology than in teaching all that can profitably be learned from science and the human past. I would hope, too, that the second contagion—of lies and nonsense about the first one—will at last prompt a challenge to the current combination of monopoly and anarchy that characterizes the American (and hence much of the global) public sphere. The East India Companies of the internet have plundered enough data; they have caused enough famines of truth and plagues of the mind. Finally, the pandemic ought to force some changes on those media organizations that insisted on covering it, childishly, as if it were all the fault of a few wicked presidents and prime ministers. If stagnating institutions are shaken up by this disaster, there is just a chance that we shall see a return to progress in places where, up until 2020, the most striking trend had been degeneration. By killing those parts of our system that failed this test, COVID-19 might just make us stronger.”

The problem with the above passage is that a bioterrorist or rogue state with a “demon in the freezer” can interpret it in a very dark way not intended by Ferguson.

Corporate fascistoid politicians in the West should worry less about banning Gab or Gettr and instead censor or burn all academic books and scientific articles which motivate radical intellectuals, left or right.

Social media only influences radical and educated elites if these platforms refer to serious sources. The latter will still exist if you gag the (dubious) messengers. Furthermore, a ban of Lauren Southern for example will just radicalize (half-educated) rightwing elites even more when they watch this video:

My Patreon Legal Battle

Anyway, I don’t think a single new manmade pandemic, in the same lethality class as Covid-19, will stop 4IR, the fourth industrial revolution. But if a new synthetic virus is released in 2022 or 2023, right after we have perhaps managed to stop (manmade) Covid-19, then it will partly destroy the reputation and status of 4IR. We can already notice signs of a “Great Resignation” in the West, as explained in these videos from Timcast:

COVID Unemployment ENDS For 7.5M People Igniting Fear Of Economic Meltdown, The Great Reset Is HERE

Health Officer Says We Are In “New World Order” Sparking Viral Trend And Bizarre Fact Checking

Digression: the concept “world order” is actually an established term in the science/art of international politics. Kissinger for example has written the book World Order.

We already live in the vestibule of dystopia. Children starving to death in poor mega-cities already experience doom. I’m not a doomster however when assessing the future of the West. Because one man’s doom is another man’s boom. If a cataclysmic event doesn’t significantly gimp the fourth industrial revolution it’s “predetermined” that the old heartland of America is doomed, but United Coasts of America (UCA) will boom. The new woke AI cyborg/robot surveillance regime of Washington and Silicon Valley is doom however from a culturally conservative perspective, but Spock data-nerdy leaders who dream of playing Sim City IRL will love it and a majority of sheepish citizens who just want security and superficial happiness will probably not view this uber-paternalism as a tyranny if libertine and woke paradise-engineering is a success in a relatively distant future (maybe 30 to 50 years from now).

A new (manmade) pandemic will discredit global and ultra-liberal 4IR. Social distancing, caused by a new virus in the same lethality class as SARS-CoV-2, will break much of the herd mentality which has trapped Western citizens in an absurd rat race the last 2-3 decades. It will not stop tech “progress” (unless humanity is hit by a series of pandemics) but it can create enough social chaos to overthrow the global neoliberal elite. If this happens, which I doubt in one way, my hope is that moderate liberals and moderate cultural conservatives regain power and return to constitutional democracies we had prior to 4IR. I support John Stuart Mill and Edmund Burke. I’m part of the old right, not the alt-right.

The realist in me however will not be surprised at all if we see no (manmade) pandemics and no major wars in Taiwan or Ukraine. If today’s leaders are lucky, as seen from their authoritarian perspective, we’ll get woke AI corporate soft tyranny in the West and a “conservative” (luxury) 1984 in the East.

I’m writing about bioterrorism or biowarfare to show one of the catastrophic events that may hit America in a manner it’s not able to solve properly because of a divided population caused by the culture war. Western elites may think that even more authoritarian decrees and more surveillance will fix this viral problem if it occurs. But that in itself will doom the freedom of constitutional democracies.

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