Old microbiologist having a bad day … or just having an utilitarian conviction

I sometimes write about the dangerous topic of bioterrorism because 1) too much hazardous info about this threat is already online, 2) governments and corporations increase the risk of rightwing bioterrorism when not stopping the culture war, and 3) I got so few readers, only 0-10 daily visitors, so what I write has little or no impact anyway. Being a nerd this website is my entertainment, a (temporary) substitute for Hollywood movies and Western games turned woke and libertine. This entertainment angle is why I basically don’t care if only intelligence agencies learn something from my scribblings. If I happen to scare them awake they will do more to stop the threat of bioterrorism. Bad things are less likely to happen when people are aware of them and often reminded of real risks in today’s complex systems. China and the US for example are less likely to fall into a Thucydides Trap when both are constantly reminded of this trap.

Rob Reid warns about a potential bioterrorist being a microbiologist having a bad day:

How synthetic biology could wipe out humanity — and how we can stop it | Rob Reid

But a microbiologist doesn’t have to “have a bad day” to release a virus slightly more contagious and lethal than SARS-CoV-2. The basic psychological problem with microbiologists is that they are willing to torture animals in the name of a greater good. This coldhearted utilitarianism is potentially very dangerous, as seen in the Aktion T4 program in Nazi Germany. Being willing to torture animals is a sign of psychopathy in kids (becoming serial killers as adults). Intelligence agencies and universities are maybe able to screen almost all new microbiology students, but the main danger is perhaps old virologists already working in labs. They read the news. They see the world is starting to fall apart because of:

1) extreme new social factors such as mass surveillance, 2) extreme new tech like AI robots, 3) extreme environmental changes, 4) extreme demographic changes: overpopulation, mass immigration, 5) extreme cultural destruction caused by global libertine woke entertainment, 6) extremely rapid evaporation of national borders now that private military companies are on the rise, and 7) the extreme power of organized crime infiltrating corporations and governments.

In this extreme environment it is possible that an utilitarian microbiologist concludes that the current social system is a disease that can be destroyed if he or she releases a new virus similar to SARS-CoV-2. If he/she follows mainstream news he or she will of course know that intelligence agencies and universities will be on the look out for any labworker showing signs of not respecting security protocols. He or she will also know through mainstream media that anyone who shows signs of political radicalization online will be detected by the algorithms of NSA.

A microbiologist may therefore not be detected if he or she quietly develops the leftwing or rightwing conviction that it serves an utilitarian purpose to start a new pandemic. If I had been a microbiologist coldhearted enough to get involved in painful animal experiments I would today, in our extreme political and technological situation, have calmly designed a virus and released it “accidentally” in a “lab leak”. Not because I “had a bad day”. The commonly known extreme facts described above, 1) – 7), if combined with clinical utilitarianism, would have been enough to cross the line between good and evil. Fortunately, I’m a 50% deontologist, partly a Kantian, not seeing everything through narrow utilitarian glasses. What first motivated me to become a militant activist as a teenager was opposition to vivisections, after discovering Animal Liberation Front, so I’m not emotionally capable of developing any bioweapon. A politically conscious microbiologist on the other hand will lack this emotional barrier.

The threat of bioterrorism or biowarfare is only one of several major risks in today’s globalized societies. The conflict in Taiwan for example can trigger WW3. In this situation it’s incomprehensible why corporations and governments in the West don’t unite their own nations by dropping libertinism/wokeness and return to constitutional democracies based on moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism.

In his book Doom (2021), Niall Ferguson presents how societies in the past dealt with epidemics/pandemics and compares them to how Covid-19 has caused havoc in a divided West:

“Finally, it seems plausible that a society with a stronger fabric of family life, community life, and church life was better equipped—“tighter,” in the terminology of Michele Gelfand —to withstand the anguish of excess mortality than a society that has in so many ways “come apart.””

In the long run, after 2030, it’s in one way rational when Pentagon drops the support of conservatives in favor of adopting a woke policy which attracts some Western geniuses who can design AI robots for the military. But in the short run, the next 5 to 10 years, this woke policy may backfire since it tears the West apart, making us vulnerable to external attacks.

China has plenty of problems but their military strategy is based on the opposite of wokeness. TASS:

Xi calls on young officials to enhance loyalty, competency for important tasks

“”Communists should have character, integrity, and courage so that we’ll never be taken in by fallacies, never tremble in the face of danger, and never be spineless cowards,” he said.”

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