Fun speculations about ASIO’s device take-over, shadow banning, self-censorship and blocking

Here’s why cultural conservatives should not worry about their online articles being read or not by other people: appears to only have 0-10 visitors daily and my recent three posts on Gab appear to generate no response except one repost. But I don’t cry a river or two because of that, since I’m already a 70% disillusioned realist. Andrew Torba, the Gab CEO, often gets about 1000 to 4000 likes when he posts messages on Gab. The War Room of Steve Bannon is often at 120 to 750 likes on Gab. That’s not much. In comparison, Tim Pool usually gets between 10k and 30k likes on Youtube. Jimmy Dore on Youtube gets approximately the same number of likes. News commentary videos made by Breaking Points have around 5k to 10k likes on Youtube. Videos on each channel reach about 30k to 300k people. But these (global) numbers are nothing compared to 332 million citizens living in the US in 2021.

If one presupposes that cultural conservatives in the US remain as passive as seen after BLM riots, and observed after 1/6, it does not matter much if a cultural conservative gets five likes or 30k likes on social media platforms. It all basically drowns in the ocean of liberal woke activity and cultural conservative passivity.

I may guess and speculate that the low traffic on (DSI) is a result of the website being manipulated through an ASIO device take-over, Gab shadow banning, or social media users’ self-censorship and blocking. At first I thought shadow banning was perhaps to blame for the drop in traffic after Feb 2021, but now I think many online readers just block or ignore DSI. This lack of response isn’t that strange since I often deliberately bury hazardous info in long walls of boring texts. My PR skills are not accidentally deplorable. But whether a rebel post is dry or an anti-Establishment video is cool and fun the numbers of readers/viewers are in both cases too low to constitute a real threat to ruling elites in the West.

Being a 70% disillusioned realist my main current attitude is that cultural conservatism is a lost cause in the West as long as a cataclysmic event doesn’t shake things up in a manner not seen between 1945 and 2020.

These are the main events that will perhaps destroy the neoliberal AI surveillance system enough to give cultural conservatives a possibility to rebuild after the (partial) collapse of the fourth industrial revolution:

1) an intercontinental war between China and the US

2) a pandemic caused by bioterrorism or shadow biowarfare

3) a naturally occurring series of new Covid variants destroying the US economy

4) climate changes and resource shortages

5) overpopulation and mass migrations

If some of these five events overwhelm Western states fragmented by a culture war and infiltrated by organized crime it’s possible that original humanity will have a chance to experience a renaissance of cultural conservatism in the West. But if people like Elon Musk invents a deus ex machina that sufficiently mitigates the suffering otherwise caused by a cataclysmic event it’s unavoidable that cyborgs and AI robots will one day rule the world. Original humanity will then be a museum piece next to Neanderthals. Humans are often so violent, nasty and disgusting that maybe nobody in the future will miss them. It’s a comfort to know that humans in NSA and MI6 will then also be on the scrapheap of history, after being so incredibly intelligent that they contributed to their own destruction when being gradually replaced by AI surveillance and drone recon systems. Looking forward to a good belly laugh if 75% of the IC are jobless in 2035 or 2045.

It’s Kafka funny when a retired militant activist tries to save the jobs of human spies and human intelligence analysts.

If the fourth industrial revolution continues, Silicon Valley will march through Pentagon and take it over. James Bond and Jocko Willink and Cave Man. All pawned when multi-domain narrow AI takes extreme ownership of humanity. After the big flop in the Middle East we all know that American generals are not the sharpest knives in the drawer but they may perhaps have enough self-preservation to start fighting Silicon Valley. But don’t count on it. Jocko seems as clueless as a nice honest gorilla in this video:

Lex Fridman and Jocko Willink argue about AI and autonomous weapons systems

The Soviet Union and CCP did not manage to eradicate nationalism and religion (Christianity/Confucianism). Cultural conservatives should therefore keep the culture war alive until the large complex system of Western neoliberal 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) may perhaps suddenly fall apart as the Soviet Union did in 1989-1991.

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