Elder Scrolls Online is down: one evening of kids not being exposed to LGBT propaganda

It’s probably just an accident that the EU server of ESO is down. I only play the PvP section of ESO, after having invested too much money and energy on the game to quit it when PvE became gay in 2016, so was disappointed when ESO crashed this evening, but immediately concluded that the crash might actually have a bright side, a positive side effect, in the long run, if it so happens that unethical black hat conservative hackers are responsible for ESO going down, because if it occurs repeatedly, which I right now doubt very much, then Microsoft will realize that propaganda in games is not only immoral but also economically counterproductive.

Let it be said very clearly that I personally don’t support destructive hacking (aka cracking). My new project however is to start a campaign against mainstream games that contain libertinism and LGBT propaganda, using ESO as a prime example of politicized online games played by kids or young teens despite it being 18+. Such a campaign in conservative countries in the East and South may lead to “stochastic hacking”, which means that radical conservative hackers who become aware of the campaign may “randomly” decide to act unlawfully even when the campaign encourages people not to engage in destructive hacking. The campaign cannot be held responsible for stochastic hacking, in the same way that Shoshana Zuboff is not responsible if her book Surveillance Capitalism leads to stochastic terrorism against Big Tech.

The campaign will not support censorship of ESO. It will only suggest that Microsoft respects true diversity by creating an extra edition of ESO, hosted on a separate server, where cultural conservatives can play a family friendly version of the game while woke people and libertines can continue to play the older edition introduced in 2016. Other gaming companies will be encouraged to do the same regarding other games such as Black Desert Online for example.

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