Clear evidence that Covid fears are exaggerated

Niall Ferguson writes in his new book Doom, published in 2021:

“There is no question, then, that Britain had its worst excess mortality in five years in April and May 2020. Though London had the highest excess mortality rate of any region, the whole of the UK was affected. Around a dozen Spanish and Italian cities (e.g., Bergamo) had even higher rates than London. Compared with other countries, however, the UK had the highest excess morality relative to population. Yet in a longer-term perspective, going back to 1970, Britain’s worst week for excess death in 2020—week 16—finishes in twenty-first place. The winters of 1969–70, 1989–90, and 1975–76 were all worse than the spring of 2020.”

Niall Ferguson also compares Covid-19 with the Asian Flu in 1957:

“Eisenhower had two encounters with pandemics in his exemplary career of public service. The first saw him promoted to lieutenant colonel for his actions in command of a ten-thousand-man Army tank force at Camp Colt, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during the Spanish flu. The second came when he was president during the 1957–58 Asian flu pandemic. The first episode has been the subject of several books and numerous papers. When seeking historical analogies in 2020, commentators referred more often to 1918–19 than to any other case. The more recent episode, by contrast, is now largely forgotten other than by historians and historically minded epidemiologists. And yet it deserves to be much better known. For, as a public health crisis, it looks much more like the COVID-19 pandemic of our own time than does the 1918–19 pandemic, which was one of the ten deadliest in all history.”

“The policy response in 2020 could hardly be more different from the response of the Eisenhower administration to the pandemic that struck sixty-three years before. Indeed, it was almost the exact opposite. Eisenhower did not declare a state of emergency in the fall of 1957. There were no state lockdowns and no school closures. Sick students simply stayed at home, as they usually did. Work continued more or less uninterrupted. Nor did the Eisenhower administration borrow to the hilt to fund transfers and loans to citizens and businesses. The president asked Congress for a mere $2.5 million ($23 million in today’s inflation-adjusted terms, and around 0.0005 percent of 1957 GDP, which was $474 billion) to provide additional support to the Public Health Service.”

The above gives one reason to ask whether the Davos elite in the West is exploiting Covid-19 for their own ideological and economic gains. Environmentalists in the Davos elite have an obvious interest in a “Great Reset” that slows down the global consumption of average citizens. Big Tech corporations have become incredibly rich as a result of common people being locked up in homes where they order products online instead of buying things locally. The surveillance industry profits from an increased willingness to track people who may have Covid.

It’s time to fight the new hybrid authoritarian regimes in the West, but the Davos elite can just relax, drink champagne and laugh all the way to the bank, since we all know that 99% of today’s pacified and domesticated men will do nothing. The remaining one percenters are a wild card however.

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