Hey, Elon, why don’t you create an MMORPG?

I give Elon a lot of gruesome flak here on drone-surveillance.info (DSI) – claiming for example that he is more dangerous than Mengele – so critics may suspect that I’m horribly biased against Tesla and US Big Tech in general. Not true. I’m a gamer, remember. Only created DSI because I ran out of entertainment when my favorite game, Elder Scrolls Online, started to push LGBT propaganda. Consequently, I actually care so little about politics that I will once again withdraw from politics if I get my precious entertainment back. If Musk releases a non-woke and non-libertine MMORPG in harmony with both moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, then I play it all day long, leaving no time for politics. I would even had played the new MMORPG from Amazon if this company had not distributed libertinism. (Libertinism in a game is different from Amazon distributing the products of an industry which exploits women in real life.)

Additionally, when I criticize the role played by Asperger’s in Silicon Valley, cf NeuroTribe by Steve Silberman, don’t interpret it as me being anti-Asperger. They are one of my favorite groups of people. Watch every movie or tv series if Asperger’s is one of its main topics, though now I’ve stopped watching all Western tv series and movies. The culture war is so exciting and fun that I must acclimatize to a lower adrenaline and dopamine level when quitting politics in favor of non-woke entertainment if Western corporations go back to producing movies, games and tv series that are free of disgusting content, free of political propaganda. But take it for granted that the woke American entertainment industry will never change. They will certainly not listen to a nobody like myself. Will therefore in sheer desperation send an email to Tencent begging them to create an MMORPG for PC, a non-woke version of ESO. Which again proves that I’m actually unaligned in the “Great Game” of international politics. In other words, if you take advice from me you are just listening to a no-lifer with no authority.

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