Why entertainment matters in national and global politics

Politics is downstream from popular culture, but why is this true? The explanation is simple. Average citizens, the silent majority or 80 percenters, get their political, cultural and much of their social input via two sources only: corporate news media and entertainment (movies, tv series and online gaming). Common people usually work from 08 to 1600, then drive to pick up their children in kindergarten before having dinner, help the kids with homework and play with them an hour or two perhaps. This schedule takes so much time that ordinary citizens often have energy to just spend 30-60 min on news and end their day with a few tv episodes, two movies maybe or a session of gaming.

Some also have a hobby, but hobbies are apolitical. Many spend time on corporate social media too, but those platforms are censored, so their view of the world is shaped by Silicon Valley (if they live in the West).

When an ordinary person only gets info about the wider world (beyond his/her local community) through woke news and woke entertainment, then it’s unavoidable that these two sources of political and cultural values/attitudes will shape his/her mind since he/she is exposed to it every day with little or no counter-information.

To use an example which liberals can understand: let’s say that many people in a Republican village go to church every Sunday where they listen to a relatively moderate priest who is tolerated by them because he got exceptional personal qualities. But his “liberal” influence on them is limited because they only listen to him on Sundays. Every evening however they watch FOX News and scroll through Gab messages perhaps (but seldom enjoy Hollywood movies anymore because American entertainment is woke, i.e. propaganda which only infuriates them). Being exposed to Hannity, Tucker, Bannon and Trump every day of the week is naturally going to influence them more than the words of a somewhat “liberal” or moderate priest who only gives sermons on Sundays.

When half of the country only have time to watch ultra-liberal CNN and the other half only got time to watch FOX, then polarization is unavoidable when popular culture (entertainment) is divisive and no longer keeps a nation together.

When average sheepish Joe is exposed each evening to multiculturalism and LGBT in his entertainment, with no other sources of intellectual input, then he will gradually reach a point where conservative people are very alien to him.

Elder Scrolls Online illustrates the conflict between ultra-liberals and moderate conservatives. ESO became LGBT after many conservatives had committed to the game. Ultra-liberal developers of ESO probably thought a bit of “exposure therapy” would eventually desensitize conservatives if they had to endure LGBT and disgusting content when gaming. But this strategy is only effective if the audience consists of sheep, the silent majority who basically just follow any elite which happens to have the most power at any given moment. More or less politically active conservatives, who constitute about 10% of the population, will instead be angry when tricked into enduring woke propaganda in games such as ESO. This anger radicalizes them. Adrenaline in politics can easily radicalize people, both left and right. Disgust radicalizes cultural conservatives even more. Libertine woke propaganda is therefore counterproductive. It only escalates the (global) culture war between leftwing elites and rightwing elites. That’s extremely dangerous now that bioweapons have become more “democratized” in societies that will be hit by many dangers in the coming decades: climate changes, overpopulation, wars, supply chain shortages, mass unemployment caused by automation, resistance to totalitarian surveillance etc.

Woke elites may count on scientists creating a universal vaccine that cures almost all of the most lethal viral diseases. Such a vaccine may soon be created, but it will probably take five or ten years. When many labs work on designing vaccines it increases the risk of lab leaks. Many states will also work harder to create new bioweapons that bypass the vaccines, thereby increasing the risk of lab leaks even more. A divided nation with little trust between elites and half the population is not anti-fragile during a (manmade) pandemic. It’s therefore incredible that leaders in the West don’t stop the culture war.

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