Why China may not jump up and down on Taiwan

Admittedly, I’m a war movie buff, before Hollywood turned crazy woke, but that doesn’t mean I always interpret international politics in the worst light possible. A good war drama needs a little contrast and much uncertainty, or else it’s just not entertaining, so here is one video indicating that islanders in Taiwan need not fear an invasion:

Why China has not taken Taiwan | Peter Zeihan Video Dispatch Newsletter

Another reason why China may not pew pew Taiwan is that the island will not be that relevant when militaries in the future plan for AI miniature Ninja warfare based on swarms of tiny insect drones sneaking around in Beijing and Washington.

This video, also from GEOPOP, adds to the suspense:

The Rise and Fall of China | Michael Beckley

Notice what is being said about automation and robots at 20:36 min in the video. Humans have evolved to endure physical hardships, but we now have leaders who in some ways are allergic to austerity and economic depressions, because they fear losing power, so it’s just a fact that CCP has drowned in AI robotics, probably with no chance of ever resurfacing from this deep matrix. But AI robots that can buy groceries for the elderly can also be refitted to carry weapons. This traps the West even more in a security dilemma initially caused by American (and British) companies that first created the Internet, PCs, smartphones and robots. The West can in theory change to a non-digital defense system, as described here, but the chance of that happening in real life is almost zero. Will nevertheless continue to defend the idea of a free society with no fourth industrial revolution, but the realist in me sees of course that if no cataclysmic event stops 4IR then we can say adios to original humanity. The next stage is cyborgs and AI … or The Book of Eli. If we don’t hit The Road (Cormac McCarthy), then the only choice is between woke AI in the West or conservative AI in Russia. I go for the AI version that has an Orthodox Christian outer shell.

If you are a cultural conservative with no other option than choosing between a conservative Devil or a woke Devil, then the former is the lesser of two evils.

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