WW3 caused by the military AI robot gap between US and China being too big?

Niall Ferguson writes in Doom, his new book in 2021:

“In reality, the First World War was neither a natural disaster nor an accident. It came about because politicians and generals on both sides miscalculated. The Germans believed (not unreasonably) that the Russians were overtaking them militarily and so risked a preemptive strike before the strategic gap grew any wider.”

To calm down Russia and China it’s possible that United Coasts of America (UCA) says to Putin and Xi that the goal of the UC military is to only stay two AI generations ahead of Beijing and Moscow. The two imperial presidents in the East may have no other choice than to reluctantly accept this statement from imperial Washington, because it’s not unlikely that Xi and Putin are actually weak behind their relatively tough facade, in contrast to Churchill who was willing to start a new war against Stalin right after the end of WW2. Daily Mail:

Churchill’s secret plan to start World War THREE: New book charts PM’s bid to launch surprise attack on Stalin straight after defeating Hitler in scheme so bold it was codenamed: Operation Unthinkable

But we all know that mafioso Washington will never be satisfied with only staying two AI generations ahead of Eastern dictators. The strategy of neoliberals and neocons after the first Cold War has been to create a military so powerful that nobody dares to challenge US hegemony. The new woke UC military on the American coasts will of course try to continue this trend, in secret if necessary.

Believing any UCA statement about no large AI gap between the mafia family in Washington and the mafia families in Kremlin and Beijing is like believing in 1940 (1942) that the goal of the Manhattan Project was to create a bomb only two times more explosive than German bombs.

There is a window of opportunity between 2021 and 2025 to destroy the anti-human fourth industrial revolution, before the power of narrow AI becomes too overwhelming for humans to handle, but I don’t think that Xi or Putin is as crazy determined as Churchill.

Taiwan is a wild card however. A bit like Europe in 1914 it’s possible that the military in China today is so revved up and full of expectations that Xi can’t abort an attack on Taiwan without being deposed by those supporting the army. If naive and tribal Americans then decide to defend Taiwan be prepared to say hello to WW3.

Humans will survive in a post-apocalyptic society and live freely without omnipresent woke totalitarian AI surveillance, so if Trump hawks in the United Heartland of America want to defend Taiwan, be my guest. However, if you are not like Churchill, not ready for WW3, it’s better not to defend Taiwan. I guess the mafia elite in Washington is too corrupt and unbrave to blow up the world just to save an island. But events can spin out of control, as in 1914, so who knows what will happen?

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