The culture war is probably a never-ending conflict, maybe leading to mutually assured destruction

Moderate cultural conservatives will fight wokeness forever even if we in some ways lose the culture war as a result of woke people using CorpState propaganda and Big Tech to cynically manipulate the “silent majority” (aka the 80 percenters). We fight because moderate cultural conservatism is a neurological condition just as much as LGBT and Asperger’s are neurologically conditioned. Consequently, we cannot stop defending our own cultural values. Eradicating the 10 percenters in the West who are politically active conservatives is therefore even more hopeless than America trying to democratize the Middle East.

The only way to eradicate cultural conservatism is to physically exterminate those who are neurologically predetermined to sympathize with: 1) orthodox religions, 2) traditional family values, and 3) their own ethnic community. These values represent a natural disposition which fundamentally is not malleable.

The tradition of Romanticism and the Enlightenment tradition are simply not compatible on a deep level. Mixing them is like combining fire and CO2. The latter will kill the former. Or mixing air and fire. Flames devour oxygen.

One way to protect the core of moderate liberality and defend the core of moderate cultural conservatism is to 1) create a mainstream culture so neutral that both liberals and conservatives can exist in it without much friction, both respecting the rule that “we don’t discuss politics, religion or other divisive issues at the dinner table”, and 2) let conservatives and liberals have their own seperate subcultures where they can express their own values freely without having to worry about offending those who are very different from themselves.

Moderate conservatives can live with the above arrangement because reticence is a conservative value. Woke people on the other hand are not modest. They want to flash their identity in public.

A woke LGBT person: You are a bigot if you don’t like me!

Moderate conservative: Well, I certainly don’t like you after you said that.

The drawback of using the “culture war” concept is that it gives people the impression that the conflict can be won if they only fight hard enough. But it can’t be won unless we physically exterminate those who are neurologically different from ourselves. But that is not victory, it’s just eradication. The only real solution to the conflict is to organize society in a way that both parties can accept.

If the culture war escalates – presupposing that it’s not disrupted by a cataclysmic event – then two things will happen: 1) woke people in America and Europe will dominate because they are part of the CorpState, and 2) around 1% of cultural conservatives will become violent insurgents. But this situation is actually the same as mutually assured destruction. Conservatives have lost because the mainstream culture is woke. But liberals have also lost because they must create an authoritarian state of mass surveillance in order to stop rightwing insurgents. This panopticon will be as glaringly bright and shiny as a Brave New World but it will be the death of the humanist Enlightenment tradition.

That’s why I always repeat that we must return to constitutional democracies based on both moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, in the traditions of John Stuart Mill and Edmund Burke.

Woke people may reject my suggestion because they are perhaps confident that they have the power of 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution) on their side. Maybe they conclude that it’s very unlikely that 4IR will ever crash. But it’s approximately a 20% to 50% chance that this revolution will annihilate humanity the next hundred years, according to Max Tegmark at MIT and Toby Ord at Oxford:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

Elon Musk, who loves to create AI robots, admits that AI can trigger the extinction of humanity. He is also fully aware of the risk of WW3 today. He recently wrote cryptically on a social media platform: ‘sun of the old world setting in a dying blaze of splendor’, a reference to the early stages of WW1.

One scenario is that we gradually end up with a messy, botched and limping fourth industrial revolution. 4IR as lawless as Somalia. Pockets of AI robot tyranny (in space, like Elysium) and human chaos spreading everywhere else. That is one possibility. Rightwing despots and reactionary warlords will then take revenge after a (slowly evolving) global catastrophe caused by woke corporatists. Returning to old-school and well-functioning constitutional democracies is therefore the safest option for everybody.

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