Iraq War because Saddam dumped the Petrodollar for Euro?

I sometimes watch Russian and Chinese propaganda channels because they occasionally have nuggets of truth not (often) mentioned in Western corporate media propaganda such as The Washington Post and The New York Times.

BORZZIKMAN is funny when starting his videos with the claim that he is an “Independent Truth Seeker”. Not! But one can learn a few very interesting things now and then if one double-checks all info presented in questionable online channels. BORZZIKMAN presents a fact that I personally, in my shameful ignorance, was not aware of until watching this charmingly boastful video:

Putin issued the Death Sentence to the U.S. Hegemony! And the Sentence already became Effective!

The Guardian in February 2003 confirms what BORZZIKMAN says:

Iraq nets handsome profit by dumping dollar for euro

I’m not sure by the way that Putin likes how BORZZIKMAN brags about Russian power in this video:

Putin’s Cunning and Genius Plan saved Russia and Split the West from Inside! *BORZZIKMAN’s Analysis*

BORZZIKMAN is occasionally so over the top pro-Russia that he may actually be independent from Kremlin since not even FSB and Moscow would talk like he does in public (as far as I know). But I don’t know who is aligned with who in our Byzantine times. I thrive in chaos however, so I hope BORZZIKMAN and others keep trucking, at full steam. It increases the chance that a big complex anti-human system like 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) will collapse, similar to the way globalization blew up in 1914 because of a single shot in Sarajevo.

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