US and China crazy intertwined in the semiconductor business

Watch the following video at 05:55 min.

National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

Semiconductors: Competition at the Cutting Edge | U.S.-China HORIZONS

America’s dependence on chips from China is why I speculate that CCP may view it as a positive side effect of China’s Delta Covid lockdowns that it will starve the US economy, as explained here. This is not a “conspiracy theory” however. Just pointing out that whatever main reason CCP may have for locking down the global supply chain it is positive from their point of view that it also weakens the American economy. I guess the long-term strategic planners in China would not have hurt their own economy just because of Covid if they knew that America wouldn’t suffer too.

But is not Russia damaged by Chinese lockdowns?

Russia and China are not actually friends, historically and geopolitically. But China will now prioritize Russia and give them extra special treatment regarding trade if that becomes necessary to maintain their “alliance”. Besides, Russians are not weaklings. They have centuries of history enduring Moscow’s dictatorial decisions. The good news is that conservative Christians and the rural West can also endure austerity (asceticism). Hedonistic woke Coastal Americans will suffer the most IF China decides to go all out in what can appear to be a new aspect of economic warfare. Mao did the Cultural Revolution. Xi appears to be a Mao wannabe…

Lockdowns in China will in the long run not stop development of cutting-edge chips inside the US. Tesla for example already got the Dojo supercomputer and the in-house D1 chip. Beijing is also absurdly intertwined with Tesla, making it difficult to assess what is really going on between CCP and Big Tech in the US/EU. Tesla Vision:

Global Chip Shortage: Elon Musk Found A Solution!

But if you starve the general economy in the West long enough it can lead to poverty and civil unrest that finally hits Big Tech companies like Tesla. If the West becomes more authoritarian as a result of domestic chaos it will also be much easier for China to dismiss criticism of its own human rights abuses.

From a culturally conservative perspective the only two redeeming features of totalitarian CCP is that the party is anti-woke and anti-libertine. Relatively speaking it’s in one way a “win-win situation” for cultural conservatives no matter whether 1) China starts an intercontinental war over Taiwan partly in order to crash the fourth industrial revolution, or 2) CCP wins the Cold Tech War. Libertine wokeness will disappear in either case, at a terrible tragic cost. But it’s at least a silver lining…

There are clear signs that China thinks it has a good chance of not yet again becoming the bitch of Western corporations.

China Worthy:

China Moves Closer to Self-reliance in 7nm Chip Production

New Chinese Force Bomber Set to Be ‘Best in World’ | H-20 Next-Generation Stealth Bomber

Is China Leading The Quantum Computing Race?


Russia Delivered Three Heavy Blows to the U.S. Military Image! Moscow went on the Offensive!

I still bet that United Coasts of America (UCA) will win Cold War 2 now that the sleeping giant of Big Tech in America is fully awake. Old America, the heartland, will disappear if rightwing populists don’t stop Big Tech, by any means necessary, but I doubt any real insurgency will happen in the US. Consequently, the future looks bright for woke UCA as long as China, Russia or any other very powerful actor doesn’t crash the fourth industrial revolution.

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