Scientific fact: woke LGBT people lack empathy

It’s propaganda to use mainstream entertainment to 1) subtly spread a political message and/or 2) subtly normalize any type of left- or rightwing minority lifestyle. LGBT becomes woke when it uses Hollywood entertainment and online games to normalize a gay lifestyle. That’s propaganda, per definition, and the Left would have agreed if Hollywood had used mainstream entertainment to spread anti-abortion values for example. Using propaganda to manipulate other people’s emotions is Machiavellianism, the opposite of empathy.

Empathy means that 1) you can put yourself in the position of another person and see the world through his/her eyes, and 2) have some degree of sympathy with his/her situation or at least not disrespect his/her cultural values and neurological dispositions if they are in harmony with basic human rights.

The woke LGBT lobby will say that it has empathy with the weak LGBT minority. Firstly, this minority is not weak when it’s supported by Hollywood, Western corporations, CIA, MI5, MI6 and woke militaries in North America and Western Europe. Secondly, it’s not empathy to have sympathy with your own group, especially when this group has the same legal rights as everyone else in the West. Thirdly, maybe one could have forgiven the woke LGBT lobby’s lack of empathy when pushing propaganda if these people had also spent time on saving millions of children dying annually in developing countries for example, but we all know that champagne liberals and relatively affluent LGBT people (with college degrees) in the West are usually not interested in doing something practical about what really matters (such as climate changes for instance). Fourthly, woke propaganda in American entertainment increases the oppression of LGBT people in non-Western states when this global ultra-liberal entertainment enrages cultural conservatives in non-woke countries. Fifthly, those in the West who are prone to violence against LGBT people will only become more angry and extreme when exposed to LGBT propaganda in entertainment they have paid for, thereby making the world less safe for gay individuals in America and Europe. HRC in Nov 2020:

New FBI Hate Crimes Report Shows Increases in Anti-LGBTQ Attacks

Trump is pro-LGBT, as reported by the Washington Post, but in statistics you can often blame your enemy when explaining negative trends, as NBC News does here:

Anti-LGBTQ hate groups on the rise in U.S., report warns

No matter how you explain anti-LGBT violence it’s obvious that pro-LGBT propaganda in entertainment doesn’t work if the goal is to reduce violence against gay people.

Entertainment is popular culture today. Politics is downstream from pop culture. To maintain stability in a democracy it’s therefore important to create mainstream entertainment that basically all (sub)cultural groups can enjoy no matter whether they are rightwing or leftwing. But this can only be done if the creators of mainstream entertainment have empathy.

For instance, if I as a moderate cultural conservative had created a mainstream game like Elder Scrolls Online I would not have included any rightwing content that I know will upset LGBT people. In other words, I would have had sufficient empathy with LGBT people to not offend them, especially not in a game that they have already paid for and invested a lot of time in, during the past years.

But the developers of Elder Scrolls Online are propagandists, lacking empathy. After two years approximately they suddenly included LGBT content in a game played by many conservative people, despite knowing very well that this new content offends many cultural conservatives (in Eastern Europe for example). But they didn’t care about conservative customers. The latter was instead given a choice between 1) quitting a very expensive game they had invested a lot of time and money in, or 2) endure LGBT content in order to continue progress in the game. You have to be an arrogant dogmatic tribalist and/or Machiavellian to manipulate people in this way.

Moderate cultural conservatives have empathy with all (immigrant) minorities and subcultures within a multi-ethnic or nationalist constitutional democracy, because we believe that all human beings have the same basic human rights. This includes LGBT people too. For example, I’m against all bullying in general. I’m therefore against any bullying or harassment of LGBT individuals. But the latter don’t need special legal protections, because a general law against bullying protects all individuals regardless of whether they are LGBT or not.

Woke LGBT people claim they are entitled to special treatment, but that is unfair to all human beings who are not LGBT.

One must differentiate between classical liberal LGBT and woke LGBT. The former are content with being a subculture enjoying the same legal protections as everyone else in a constitutional democracy. In the last fifty years I have never felt any hostility toward classical liberal LGBT. I’m a conservative Christian however, and it’s therefore natural that on a cultural level I’m opposed to LGBT becoming part of the mainstream culture. I now support the fight against woke LGBT because it’s not like other subcultures. It demands to be mainstream, to be part of the majority, and it has used entertainment propaganda the last 30-50 years to gradually reshape mainstream society in a manner that serves LGBT values. This woke policy is different from how many other minorities in the West behave, like the Buddhist minority for example. Buddhists don’t march in Western streets, don’t demand to be part of mainstream movies, tv series and online games. Woke LGBT, on the other hand, wants power. It wants to be part of the corporate (military) hierarchy in the affluent West. That’s not enlightened, not a sign of empathy.

I’m not “anti” any human being, and that is why I support Glenn Greenwald and Chelsea Manning for example. Both are LGBT.

I’m anti-woke however because wokeness is a cultural phenomenon incompatible with my own cultural values. I would not have been a conservative Christian if I had not been anti-woke.

Ultra-liberals are delusional if they think conservative religious people will ever give up their own values in order to please a minority of dogmatic woke LGBT.

But instead of attacking woke individuals attack the corporations which support them. Teach these corporatists that they can’t use wokeness as a strategy to divide and conquer left- and rightwing populists. In the fight against manipulative globalist imperial corporations I will always stand right next to individuals like Greenwald and Manning.

Critics may say: I have not presented any scientific paper full of statistics showing that woke LGBT people lack empathy. That’s because the social sciences today are too biased to be trustworthy. Cambridge Core:

Political diversity will improve social psychological science

But if you disagree with the obvious empirical evidence and elementary logic presented in the article I’ve written here then I’m delighted to be proven wrong.

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